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message 1: by Wayne (last edited Mar 14, 2013 05:34PM) (new)

Wayne McNeill (waynemcneill) | 50 comments I heard a long time ago that Richard Burton (the actor not the explorer) was buried with a copy of the Collected Works of Dylan Thomas. A couple of like-minded Welshmen. Is there a book you would like to be buried with? Ok, cremated with if you prefer. It's not an easy decision. It wouldn't be any sort of scripture, not for me. Maybe it's a stupid question because I can't decide myself. There are two old paperbacks sitting on the table beside me. One is "The Natural History of Selborne" by Gilbert White, and "The Story of my Heart" by Richard Jefferies. Both beautiful, but not the one to be buried with.

message 2: by Claudine (last edited Mar 15, 2013 03:41AM) (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
Tibetan Book of the Dead. A colour copy.

message 3: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (andrejute) | 4851 comments Mod
I understand entirely why Burton chose Dylan Thomas. He was a great actor, but his most powerful work was probably his least popular. I think of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Night of the Iguana, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, Waterfront, Vlllain, and quite a few more. Of all these very powerful performances, the greatest was Under Milk Wood.

For IMDB to open on Richard Burton with this crap is a travesty of the life of a great actor: "Probably more frequently remembered for his turbulent personal life and multiple marriages, Richard Burton was nonetheless one of the great British actors of the post-WWII period."

message 4: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Hallowell | 97 comments Great question, Wayne.

I don't believe in burning books.

Funerals are for the living, not the dead.

Once I'm dead, my reading time is over. Anyone who has the impulse to bury a book with me should take that book and donate it to the local library. I want the books that are special to me to be shared, not buried or locked away.

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