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ending of insurgent
Abby Abby Mar 14, 2013 05:02PM
Hey people!
So I read insurgent. once so far. I gave it to my buddy to read it (she didn't give it back yet..) but I read all of it. The ending confused me, when Jeanine said "My name will be Edith Prior." I didn't get that at all. The whole last scene. Also, what is the whole video thing?? And why is Jeanine so obsessed with Divergent people?!
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p.s. Who do you think should be Four? And what songs do you think should be in it? I think that Radioactive by Imagine Dragons is a good song when she enters Dauntless for the first time.

It wasn't Jeanine in the video. That video was made before Jeanine was probably born. It was made before the walls were put up around the city.

And from what I'm guessing, the city was set up as a sort of experiment for humanity. Things had gotten so bad, that it was just pure chaos. So some volunteers chose to have all of their memory wiped, and be sent off to Chicago, where they were locked into the city and the society that we learned about in Divergent came to be.

Edith Prior was the name that woman had chosen as her new identity after her memory was wiped. And she was most likely one of the new leaders. And, as everyone is suspecting. One of Tris' relatives, potentially her grandmother.

Edith Prior mentioned that they would be ready to rejoin society when they had a multitude of Divergent among them. Jeanine was terrified of leaving the city walls, and therefore, wanted to eradicate the Divergents, so to avoid rejoining society too soon.

Thanks everyone!! Now I get it! ;)

Edith was her mother. In the fear room to get to Jeanine, when Tris entered it said "Second Generation" plus I think they mentioned Tris's mother's name before.

Thanks to all

Jeanine didn't make the video: Tris' grandmother did. The video was created so that, when the time was right, they could emerge from isolation and 'reclaim' the earth. Jeanine wanted to get rid of Divergent people because they not only would have caused them to leave their city, Divergent are also hard to control. The minds of people who are Divergent are...better than normal people. They are constantly shifting and changing, like Jeanine observed when she told Tris (not an exact quote) that her self perception depended on how she wanted others to see her--sometimes she's an innocent little girl, other times she's a hardened warrior.

i 5000% agree wit ur song choice ;)

crazy ending good way to get people hooked on it made them have to wait for third and read it to find out what happens next. but i thougt edith was tris's grandma cause it was a little to old to be her mom.

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yes Edith Prior is either Tris' grandmother or great grandmother for sure

Mandy, Edith was not Tris's mother--she might possibly have been her grandmother. (I think they are counting generations from those born into their new society, so Tris's parents would be first generation.)

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