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Olivia so, I'm doing this project for school, and I just can't think of any of the characters names, other than Cassia, Xander, Ky, the Pilot, and Indie, can anyone help me?

Tina J Vick & Eli (who were found by Ky in the camps - Vick is dead)
Lei nea (Laney - Vick's former lover - & who ends up Xander)
Bram (Cassia's little brother)
Abran (Cassia's father - who died from the mutated plague)
Molly (Cassia's mother)
Hunter (who was found in one of the closer villages - burying his daughter)
Oker (old man who found the cure)
Leyna & Colin (one of the few people in charge of the groups living in the farthest village)
Anna (person who wants to lead the people to freedom)
Noah & Tess (who helped Oker with his 'cures')
Caleb (the boy who helped do the runs with Ky & Indie)

Matthew Markham (Ky's cousin - who supposedly is still alive in the 'otherlands')
Patrick (Ky's uncle)
Aida (Ky's aunt)
No one knows what's happened to Ky's aunt & uncle.

Can't really think of anyone else, but I hope I helped!

Olivia thanks Tina J!!!!

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