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Radella was, once again, in the library. She didn't like to be around people very much, so this is where she came to get away from them. She also liked to look up books about the living dead, which most were about zombies. She didn't like to think of herself as a zombie

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Radella decided that she'd spent enough time in the library for one day, so she left,

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Radella was on her way out when two girls showed up,

((Radella is one of my characters too))

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"So, here we are." Emily said with false enthusiasm. "Who are you?" she asked Radella,
"I'm Radella," she replied, "Who are you?"

((I'm talking to myself! XD))

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((I am! ^_^ who knew.)) Lol

"I'm Emily and this is my roommate Sphinx. She was named after the Great Sphinx." said Emily,
"Cool," was all Radella said, "I have to go, I'll see you guys around." she left,

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"What's wrong with your arm?" Emily asked, not that she cared or anything.

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"You keep saying 'Oh.. um.. Nothing," She started, "I have a feeling you're hiding something from me." Emily was very dense, she could've guessed what was going on. In fact she already did, but she was just too dense so she didn't get it

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"You um what? Whatever, lets just find something to do." she said, she walked over to the commputers

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"I knew it!" she practically yelled, "you have to tell me now or I'll tell," she said

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"Okay," Emily said, sounding cool. she did a little *yes!* under her breath, feeling accomplished. She followed Sphinx to the room

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