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Name: Emily Shane
Birthday: September 14
Age: 16
Gender: F
Personality: She is very selfish, and rude. Not many people like her but she's popular so they suffer her cruelty to be popular with her. She doesn't have many true friends. to be honest she's (excuse my language) bitchy.
Family: Father, Mother, little brother
History: she doesn't care much about her history, and there's not much to say, she is from a rich back ground, her parents fight a lot, her brother is annoying, and she's a normal teenager.
Other: She is very judgmental and out spoken

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) Name: Nicole "Nicki" Vazquez

Birthday: April 20

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance (pic preferred):

Personality: Ever since she was young, Nicole has never been open about her feelings. She keeps her past hidden, and puts up a tough front. She is always trying to appear outgoing. Nicki is extremely smart, although she doesn't show it much. Fitness is extremely important to her, since she figures that people only care about the outside. Nicole sometimes can be seen wearing revealing clothes as an attempt to disguise her true personality. No one has figured out yet that she has a softer side. Nicki's one rule is to never cry in front of anyone, because they have enough of their own problems and probably don't care about hers anyways.

History: Nicole grew up in the foster care system. Her parents were both alcoholics, and mistreated her as a child. One day, when her parents were both drunk, she almost starved having had no food for a couple days. Her neighbors reported their suspicions to the police, and Nicki was promptly taken into foster care. When Terrence Hall offered her a scholarship, she accepted immediately.

Family: Nicki has a lot of extended family, including aunts and uncles, but none of them ever cared to visit her.

Other: Nicki is used to guys going after her. All she is looking for in a guy is someone who cares enough to look deeper than her beauty, someone who understands what it's like to hide so much of their life from the rest of the world. Scarred from her childhood, Nicki is extremely wary of being touched.

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Victoria Anne | 3 comments Name: Jessica "Jessie" Thomas
Birthday:April 3
Appearance: (Pic or link)Sorry my computer wasnt working so i couldnt get a pic so ill just discribe. She has blonde hair and blue eyes.And has a very good sense of fashion.
Personality: (4-5 sentances)She is kind of boy crazy. Victoria has only had a boyfriend once he died in a car crash and has been affraid to date ever since.She loves animals and never has broken any rules. She is treats others the way they want to be treated and is always nice.
Family:Her Mother and Father got a divorce when she was a baby and she has never met her Dad.
History: (4-5 sentances)Her mom sent her to Gottfried Academy because she didnt want to have to deal with her. Though her mother hates her Jessie doesnt hate her back. She also is very sensitive because of her boyfriends death. She is looking for a new life at the school, away from all her previous drama.
Other: She thinks she likes Trevor Marcus

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Name: Lindsay Kelley (she goes by Lyn or Lil)
Birthday: September 15
Age: 16 going on 17
Gender: F
Personality: Bright, Shy, Quiet, She keeps to herself
Family: uncle (Paul), and little brother (Shane)
History: her parents were abusive so she and her little brother were sent to live with their uncle, they've lived in Spain most of their life because of it. (That's where their uncle is from) But she decided she wanted to come here for education
Other: None

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Thanks ^_^

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Sal Ogletree (mydarlingsara) | 2 comments name: Adeline Bradley Thorne (mortal)
birthday: October 16
age: 16
gender: Female
appearance: (couldn't find a good pic) bright violet eyes, chocolate brown hair, 5`5, high cheekbones, slender and skinny frame, hair down to the small of back w/ bangs, dimples, large eyes, long eyelashes.
personality: very shy buy sweet when you get to know her. an excellent friend. has a huge sense of humor and always loves deeply. strong willed and will stand up for herself and what she loves.
family: father (James Thorne) divorced mother (Lacey Thompson) when Adeline was four years old. mother remarried step dad (David hall) when Adeline was five and had a son (Leonard hall) when she was six. Adeline is sixteen and Leonard is ten.
history: born and raised in Chicago IL. moved to Maine when Adeline was going into the ninth grade so that she could study at Gottfried Academy. she had to leave behind all of her friends in Chicago and is scared of meeting new people.
other: loves to read and write poetry. always makes relatively good grades. loves psychology, art, philosophy, literature, horticulture, and Latin. loves school. isn't very adventurous or risky but loves to explore new places. you can always find her with her nose in a book or scribbling words onto paper. fell in love with the nighttime, the moon, and the stars all at once. she's an insomniac. loves metaphors and beautiful words. loves life and always lives it to the fullest. almost always seems joyful. can draw, paint, and write extremely well. loves to run and relatively athletic. likes to be unique.

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