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Advice and Tips for Marketing and Interviews

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message 1: by Selena (new)

Selena Haskins (booksbyselena) | 106 comments Mod

Please share any tips or advice for marketing besides social media that has worked for you. What do you think are do's and don'ts during book interviews?

Do you know of any popular blog sites that conduct interviews, post new books by self-published authors?


Happy Reading and Writing!

message 2: by Selena (new)

Selena Haskins (booksbyselena) | 106 comments Mod
I believe that as well. I spent my weekend doing that while I was out having fun with the girls I was telling people about new book and handing them my post card flyers. Direct contact is the best! Not to mention I am learning that you also make "more money" selling your books on your own. I just use Amazon and Barnes and Noble as marketing tools and to reach people I cannot reach. I have sold more books on my own than online. It helps that the POD costs are reasonable and the product is good. I can turn a profit easily. Thanks for the tip though. Now I'm trying to get some press for interviews. That's my next topic here.

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This is really good advise guys thank you. I have a lot to consider before my book goes on sale. Selena who do you use for the print on demand?

message 4: by [deleted user] (last edited Mar 19, 2013 01:45AM) (new)

I can add to this thread. I run a podcast blog that has featured world famous, best selling authors at and I would like to offer the following advice to anybody who is going to do a scheduled voice interview. First of all, realize that the interviewer is doing YOU a favor. It takes me several hours to research an author and format the podcast. Be cooperative and not demanding. Some of the most difficult interviewees have been the lesser knowns and they always pester me with emails and questions. If they would just spend a few minutes reading the instructions that are clearly visible on my site and listening to a couple of podcasts, then they would know what to expect. Secondly, have something to offer in return like a large social media following to share the interview link with. I want traffic to my site just as much as an author wants exposure, so if you have not built up any platform of online connections before requesting an interview, why should I waste my time and talent if I know that nobody is going to come to my site and listen to your interview. Thirdly, follow up with a simple 'thank you' email and show that you intend to keep in touch. A lot of authors turn their back on me after the interview, won't accept friend requests on social media sites or respond to my emails so I delete them from my page. Turnabout is fair play. Building relationships requires mutual respect--a dying art in today's point, click and move away digital world.

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Conrad wrote: "I can add to this thread. I run a podcast blog that has featured world famous, best selling authors at and I would like to offer the following advice to anybody..."

I totally agree with you. Respect is a two way thing. Thanks for the tips (Just in case I ever need them).

message 6: by Selena (new)

Selena Haskins (booksbyselena) | 106 comments Mod
Conrad, thank you! That's very helpful advice. I can promise that if you interview me I will definitely spread the word. I have over 500 friends on Facebook, 400+ friends on Twitter, over 100 people on my "Like" page for Facebook where I blog the most. So, I know that may not be as many friends as others, but if you visit my sites on twitter@ booksbyselena or booksbyselena on Facebook, you will see that I don't just have numbers, but I interact with people and share whatever I'm doing in relations to my book. I can't believe that any one "new" in this industry would be demanding, they've got some nerve! I personally am a sponge to this business, learning all I can and trying to be as humble as possible. Thanks for your advice.

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