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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (couchnest) I've been reading another thread on AB and the truth about the Tudors (http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/5...) and decided that I need to know, what are some RELIABLE books about the Tudors? I don't necessarily mean history FICTION, but non-fiction history books. Since so much seems to be based on... well, nothing... who can I trust when I read them, to get the facts straight? Who have YOU found to tell the most accurate history, with legit sources to back up their claims?

I'm fascinated with the Tudors, and I'd love to read some about the Princes who were locked in the tower... so recommendations, please?

message 2: by Mary (new)

Mary | 69 comments Since the disappearance of the Princes has never been resolved, and whoever did know what happened is over 500 years dead, I don't know any definitive work on them. Alison Weir is as good as it gets, I think. There are many excellent books on the Tudors. You'll just have to plunge in and try. Or some here may help you out.

message 3: by Denise (new)

Denise (dulcinea3) | 88 comments I loved Alison Weir's book on the Princes. I felt that she presented all the evidence that is available and left the reader to make their own decision based on that. I felt that she did the same with Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley. She is my favorite royal nonfiction author (haven't read any of her fiction), but these two stood out for me, because I love a good mystery, too!

The Princes in the Tower by Alison Weir Mary, Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley by Alison Weir

message 4: by happy (last edited Mar 16, 2013 10:50PM) (new)

happy (happyone) | 106 comments This isn't on the princes, but
The Tudors The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty by G.J. Meyer

is a good overall look at the 5 monarchs of the dynasty. Meyer spends most of his time on Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, but he does do the other three justice.

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