Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13) Dead Ever After question

How is it going to end?
Angela Angela Mar 14, 2013 12:34PM
I love this series but after reading the last book, I am read for it to be over.
I hope that it is a happily ever after. My choice for her happy ending would be Alcide.
How do you think it's going to end?
Who is her happily ever after? Sam? Eric? Bill? Someone new?

I would be happy with Eric or Bill. I would accept and enjoy the idea of Sookie meeting someone new that would give the others (Sam/Eric/Bill/Quinn/Alcide) true competition. It would be ideal if that new guy would be fairy. Bring back the romance MS HARRIS!! Sookie may even leave this world to join the fairy world. May 2013 can't come soon enough. I can't wait to find out. Here is hoping for a happily ever after but not setting my hopes to high. I have really enjoyed this series but have struggled with the emotional roller coaster MS Harris has caused me to be on. I don't think anyone one will turn Sookie into a vampire.

I think it's going to be Sam.

Ms Harris has stated on her own website that there will NOT be a new suitor introduced for Sookie, so if she does have her HEA, it will be with someone we already know.

Eric is out, he will end up being with Freyda, there is no way he can get out of that contract unless he kills her, and that would only cause more trouble then Sookie is worth in Eric's eyes.

I can see Sam as her HEA, and they could be happy together. He has a heartbeat and they can walk in the sun together.

Bill loves her unconditionally, but Sookie might just want a fairly normal love life. So Sam most likely has a leg up on everyone else.

Felicear Wow! Great tidbit! Thanks
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Destiny I see Sookie with Sam as well.
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Hmm...tough question. Eric is a favorite but he was pretty viscous with that pained bite. He also seems unclear on where his priorities lay.

Bill believes he is in love with Sookie but he has hurt her emotionally, shown he can not be trusted and physically hurt her...

Alcide does not seem to know his own mind. He has public sex with other weres and is likely to be required to have sexual relations outside of a relationship. He has shown himself to be very mercenary and those events did not include a concern for Sookie's well being.

Quinn has a thing for Sookie but he does not trust her or he would have filled her in on the issues with Vamps and pit fighting and all of that. Hi crazy and dangerous Mom is a pretty big problem. Even if Sookie could find a place for her...she is so crazy should could kill Sookie in a fit. That is not really fair to him...but who said life is fair?

Sam, well I really like Sam and he has carried a torch for Sookie for a long while. They have a little bit of a trust issue though. They have both gone out of their way to hide stuff from one another....both in an effort to protect one another. Sam does seem to like pretty and homicidal women. I have concerns about his ability to protect Sookie from all the other factions. I think of the available options he is probably the best bet.

I would not mind a new guy showing up. Maybe with some fairy blood...

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