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Someone who has read this: Does it have anything to do with wolves?

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People keep putting this book in lists about wolves, so I am wondering how much for wolves does it have? None, or something? Or is it just about people?

Jackie This was about a murder and the search for a missing son and the murderer in the wilderness. I suppose the mention of wolves in the title has more to do about the wild country in Canada as they search. I thought it fascinating.

Adrienne Teague Wolves turn up a couple of times, but it is not about the wolves. They barely even affect the plot.

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The wolves are an analogy...but very important to the climax of the story and the relationships of the characters....

Barbara Bagatin Absolutely not.

Linda Loved, loved, loved this book with its tangled relationships and subplots and cold Canadian winter and murder! As a fan of mysteries and quirky characters and complicated plots that are well crafted and resolved, it made this book an immensely satisfying read-and the weather outside my house has been snow and ice and a toasty woodburning stove inside helped to set the mood!(And by the way-it it not about wolves although they appear now and again on the edges). A little Jack London and a little Agatha Christie. Try it -you may like it!

Alison Yup. Everything they said. Lay on my bookshelf a long time before I picked it up, but I'm glad I did.

Liza Lorenz As others said, wolves were mentioned but not prominent. Like Alison, this book sat on my shelf for a long time also. A friend recommended and lent it to me, but it didn't strike a cord with me. So, it sat. Finally, I picked it up, and I really enjoyed it.

Alison I stole a brilliant idea from someone on Facebook: I wrote down all the books on my Unread shelf on bits of paper, folded them up and put them in a jar... And every time I finish a book, I pull the next one out the jar. Every time I acquire a book, I write it on a bit of paper and put it in the jar. And that was how The Tenderness of Wolves got read! I love it!!!

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Liza Lorenz Alison, that is a superb idea. So much more fun than simply going to my bookshelf and picking the ones I want to read. I'm going to pretty up a jar and start today. Magical idea. Thanx for sharing it.

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Jen Brown Not really about wolves. I read it & loved it.
The title intrigued me because I greatly admire wolves.Far too many people think wolves are cruel & vicious,yet they are better parents & form better families than many of our fellow humans.

Sandra First of all, I also loved Alison's jar idea and I'm gonna do it too. Then, I'm picking up Jen's idea of how wolves are better parents and form better families. This book is all about that too. There are parents taking care of their families, sometimes better, sometimes worse and sometimes, dealling with tragedies along the way... and it doesn't matter if they're rich, poor, white, natives... maybe that's why the "tenderness" is a such an appropriate word...
I also loved reading this book. I had to start twice because I stopped for a while and I forgot a few plots. So, I started all over again to fully enter this net of characters and stories and secrets... really enjoyed it!

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