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Is Henry James funny? or am I just too quick to laugh?

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Melville House Publishing (melville_house) | 13 comments Mod
I honestly think Henry James is uproarious. Specifically, this new edition of The Reverberator we've just reissued. Has any author ever been so good at gentle cruelty to their characters? Has anyone better hidden that deadly razorblade of satire in the ripe apple of romantic farce?
It can't be just me. Who else among you is a James devotee?
The Reverberator A Novel by Henry James

message 2: by Lewis N. (new)

Lewis N. Clark | 3 comments no, he is not funny--he is boring

message 3: by Lewis N. (new)

Lewis N. Clark | 3 comments I respect your opinion, however--
I took a course on James in college--it was torture

message 4: by Lewis N. (new)

Lewis N. Clark | 3 comments uptight characters--long, long, interminable sentences--

message 5: by Zero (new)

Zero (thatguyzero) For the record: an "interminable sentence" is an oxymoron.

As for James? He is a provocateur, to be certain, with a finely honed talent for schadenfreude. I couldn't help but smile through the final scenes of 'The Aspen Papers' - for example - but I can't exactly say he is full of lols either.

message 6: by OldCanuck (new)

OldCanuck | 1 comments Although I see this post is several years old at this point I felt I had to respond. I am just now rereading "The Golden Bowl". I read it many years ago when I was relatively young (in my 30's) and certainly completely missed the humour then. I am now in my 70's and, like you, I'm finding the early chapters quite hilarious -- rather like Jane Austen, only with about a million more words. This was such a huge surprise to me that I began googling "humour in James" and came across your post on Goodreads. It appears that, although we may be in a minority, "we are not alone" (to quote Mulder). Now I have the delightful opportunity to go back and reread much more James with this new (to me) insight!

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