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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (mickeyz) | 2 comments Hey everyone! I have been "jonesing" for book talk, but since I am away from FB for Lent. THEN, I remmebered... Shannon started this group on goodreads!

SO, just wanted to say:
1) I finally read "Defending Jacob" by W. Landay. A definite page turner. I feel so bad for the mother, Laurie, in the book. Probably the character I most identified with....

2) I cried for 20 minutes after finishing "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" bu Muriel Burbery.

3) Finished "Stalking Ivory"- book 2 of 5 of mystery/adventure series by Suzanne Arruda. The heroine is Jade del Cameron. Takes place in Africa in 1920. She is a vet of WWI ambulance driver. Lively, light and kind of fun. AND Suzanne Arruda is also lives and writes in KANSAS!!

I hope someone responds. I am missing book talk!

message 2: by Shancann (new)

Shancann | 1 comments Mod
We're missing you too over in FB-land!

I loved Defending Jacob and I found myself identifying with the FATHER throughout. I think I'd always be looking at myself (shades of narccisism maybe?) if I found my family in a similar situation and would be trying to "fix" things rather than deal with them. Hopefully I'll never know how I'd act in the situation that faces those parents. (shiver)

I haven't read the Elegance of the Hedgehog. Must read, but I'm dreading the crying. :/

I've never heard of Suzanne Arruda, though I'm not a big fan of mysteries. I'll check her out as I love historical fiction and the setting and author being a native Kansan MIGHT be enough to get me interested.

When's LENT over?!? lol

Sincerely, Your Friend the Heathen (aka Shannon)

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