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Loved this book

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Arlene Mcintosh Loved, Loved Braden and Jocelyn (Joss). The humour between these two were awesome - Jocelyn did get on my nerves a little bit with the whole it's all my fault thing but I liked how Braden never gave up on her and I could feel the sexy from him. I liked how she involved the other characters in the book also.

I like it when I don't excpect much from a book and then I am pleasently suprised by how sexy and good it is.

Ilana i enjoyed it as well. interestingly, i had a perception of what it was going to be like based on the snippet that i read online, however the story really didn't seem like it at all. not to say that it's a bad thing, there were pieces that were more in depth, i just assumed there was more of a reason for her 'escape' across the pond you know? like she was running from a bad past, vs. her family reasons.

i think that the relationships in the book were nice and they were all nicely intertwined which suited me well. i always get frustrated when i'm trying to understand the point of a character hanging around and i dont think that was the case in this story.

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