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Unknown | 42 comments WATERMELONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 <3 I love them sooo much.

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lol me too!!! do i have to make a bio?

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Unknown | 42 comments Copy-paste it from some other group I suppose~

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Unknown | 42 comments Name: Rei Loki

Age: 12...or 10,45,893

Job: -

Personality: Living for so long has made her kind of numb. She has seen too much. Nothing surprises her or interests her anymore. Death holds no meaning for her. It has made here extremely reckless, to the point of it being suicidal. In fact there have been many lives where she has actually committed suicide. All those different lives have given her a unique insight into the human behavior and tendencies. It was in the recent years that she developed her obsession with death. It fascinates her, the only mystery that remains unsolved. Her personality on a lighter level is a very quirky one. The experience of a ten thousand lives, the tendencies of a 12 year old pre-teen make it hard to balance. She is in no way innocent or oblivious to the way of the worlds. She also has her mother's nature of a succubus. She thrives on lust. Even though her body may be that of a child she uses it to the full, taking every pleasure she can find. She know how to trap men...and women. On a deeper level, she is just a lonely girl who has seen too much of sorrow and felt too much of grief. It's the reason she avoids any connection with anyone, hiding behind her cold wall of ice. She know that if no one get's close to her, it won't hurt her to lose them, but every once in a while one or the other slips through her guard, and she fall for them, hard, only to have them die and rot away while she much go on.


History: She was born a long time ago, long before the sin on humans had tainted the world and the faith in good, and the fear of evil was still safe. She was born for the first time when the population if humans was hardly considerable. Her mother was a Succubus. The servant of the devil. Her father, the pure and untainted Angel. Though of course he didn't stay like that for long. Her mother seduced him with her charm. He fell in love with her, never suspecting that she was demon. He had resisted, but he succumbed. Lust had poured off him in the moments before he was taken her. And alas, he had to be punished for his sins, he was cast down from heaven, his white wings torn. He cried out to her mother, but she was a fickle creature. She left him there, crying and groveling and heartbroken. The misery was too great for him, he chose to end his life, never knowing that the result of the action would be for him to spend all eternity in hell. As for their mother, she was oblivious that she was carrying an angel's child. They were two separate entities, fused as one. And so It was born, an angel with a demon's soul. It was the most beautiful baby boy, golden curls adorned his crown, big blue eyes that shone. But encased inside him was a demon's soul. And when you put a demon's soul in such a pure body, it burns. Though they shared the same body, the baby boy was two people at once. The body belonged to someone else, the soul belonged to another body, but they were fused into one. The soul writhed in agony, unable to free itself. But then they came out of the womb, and their mother was horrified. She didn't want a child. So she decided to eat it. In the little while between the birth and the death, the soul freed itself from the body. It ceased to exist. It was nothing.
But that wasn't the end. It was reincarnated. The soul chose a host and molded it to it's wishes. The host and the soul became one. This was the birth of the beautiful baby girl, also with golden curls and big blue eyes. She was born to a human, but retained powers like no human. It could perform miracles. She was worshiped as a Witch. The poor humans never understood that everything she did was just an illusion. It was never real, but that didn't stop them. She died as an old crone, cunning and wise. She was reincarnated later, maybe decades or even centuries later. The most peculiar thing was not her powers, but memories. Of faces and people long dead. She didn't understand how they could belong to her. But she soon understood where she stood, what exactly was her condition.
People are afraid of dying because they never know what is on the other side. In fact the life itself is defined by death, but when death hold no mystery or meaning, life loses it's meaning too. Rei could not die true. She would be born again, and again. Lives would go by. Sometimes, they would be no longer that a couple of years, sometimes she would live to be long old. She was kings born and crowned. She saw emperors killed and assassinated. Ages came and went. Kingdoms fell, wars were fought. And she was there, always. Sometimes she participated actively in the events, changing them, sometimes she just stood and watched doing nothing. She fought as a loyal soldier, she served as a lowly servant, she pranced as a royal princes, she lived as an outcast. A thousand worlds. Never ending memories.
And here she is now, a girl of twelve in the 'modern' world, daughter of a single mother who had no time for her screwed up daughter.

Powers: Illusion, reincarnation, seduction.

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XD <3 i will make a new version of look to acomidate our plot but he wont be changed a lot.

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Unknown | 42 comments Rei: I can't wait to seduce Luke


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Name: Luke White
Age: looks 17 age: unknown

Persionality: Luke is dark adn forebding. He rarley talks unless he sees it necessary. Luke is liek a cat. He acts like one, lives like one and has the agility and grace of one. Luke prefers to stay in the darkness adn the shadows rather than in the light. He has expelled all fear from his heart by makeign himself go through pain and torment caused by his own powers bit by bit, day by day. He has no regards for his own life. He puts himself in lidfe threatening situatation with no care wether he dies or not. He is usally seen as lazy. he is nonchalance adn dissdanful towards anything and everything. He has a thirst for money yet he never spends the money on a house or on food. He takes greate pride in buying the best of the best of weapons. He would rather go to the best swordsmith than have a meal for the rest of the year. He is cold and thinks emotions are a nusaince. The only things he cares about is money and his weapons and poisons. He never forms relationships with anyone because he knows they'd just die and also he sees no point in it.
eyes: his eyes are like black holes. they suck information and everything in and let nothing out.


as a 12 year old

him at soome point:



History: Luke White was not born human. He was born an aura. An aura floating inside of space. a black almost invisible aura (since the universe is black)... let me explain further. In the world ill now randomly name Ilcor for lack of originality (apart from the fact that i cretaed the name XD). anyways. In the beginning all the was in the world was aura. Then the only aura with the ability to think called Spiritus, the largest of auras, purple aura. Anyways. This aura collected 6 other auras which it thouoght was the most powerful of them all. These 6 auras got the ability to think from spiritus. these 7 became like gods as they created ilcor. each takeing care of a certain componant of the world according to their elemental power. The rest of the auras turned into oher planets and stars. Or so it was thought. A pure silver aura called cælum created heaven. In heaven cælum created the race of angels. In comes Luke. (The name Luke means light btw XD). anyways. Luke was one of the auras that remained as an aura. He made his way into heaven undetected and took over the body of an angel. The angel's pure white hair turnde pitch black and his smokey white eyes turned into black holes. His white wings turned black and his once pure white soul turned black. He was immidiatley discovered by cælum and expelled from heaven. He fell down onto earth, witnessed by a human. His fall from heaven created the legend of fallen angels. Of course actual fallen angels loose their wings....he also started the legends of evil angels. At this point earth was in the Neolithic era. He was immortal so he was seen as a god of death. When he visited egyt he was given the title of Anubis. When he went to ancient greek he became thanatos. It is now the medival ages in ilcor. He hyides his wings well and his powers. He is a top assasin, hired by all who want their job to be 100% garanteed to be done. He has collected a mass collection of different weapons from differiant times in history. he refuses to sell them.

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-.-' dam pretty short

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Unknown | 42 comments O_O



*fufufufufuufufufufuuffuufuf* WHY DA FUQ IS LUKE SO HOT?????????????????????????????????????


The's awesome!!! It actually syncs with the history of Rei so beautifully...

Aaanndd...even though I hate to admit it....he fits Rei awesomely...they are soo alike!! And yet so different.

Gwad, I can't wait to Rp!!!!

Oh man *weirdimagesofreiinshackleswithlukeon...*

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lol... i have almost the same history as that for my futrue best seller book.... only without luke XD he comes in later. anwyas

how do we start?

btw I KNR!?!?!?!?? <3!!!!!1!!!!! only... his history is sort of opposite kind of like... she was born an angel with a black sole taht left the angel's body, he was a 'black' soul that went into an angel's body XD

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Future bestseller??? O_O I Wanna be the editor!!!!

Um...I don't know, Maybe we should start from when we are in our own just instants before the portalling happens?

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Oh man, I can't stop laughing!!!!what the hell!!!! Ghostbusters!!!

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Now even I wanna do that in my library!

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lol11 have you seen the other viceos on that channel??!?! you should really see the 'suicide' one.


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Luke leaned against a tree, polishing his katana. Nothing out of the ordinar y... just a killer polishing blood off of his killing machine. Then POP:
nope that aint what happend....
O_O .... VVV
(view spoiler)

O_O <3

there we go!! boom that's what happened ^^^
Then he randomly decided to go thorugh it!!
then this happened:

nope maybe:

and here we go:

[image error]


(i feel a bit silly today, excuse my foolish post ^_^)

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(LOLLOEPOP LOLLIEPOP. ill go shower adn once im out i shall sit in my towel and make sure you reply to my stupid post XD <3)

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Hehe...he...hehehhe....You really are acting creepy today. You in towel with the bunny forever together thing is giving me seriously weird images.

O_OOOOOOOOO_OOOOOOO DYYYUUUUDDDDEEEEEE!!!! WTF was that...spoiler post?? Okay, now I'm getting really really, stop. Stop!! *too late*

Sigh, okay, here goes.

I can't concentrate.
Rei can't reply in this kinda atmosphere.

LUUUKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tatou Moi something something blah blah blah~~~~~

Rei had snuck into her mums room and was searching for some booze she knew was there somewhere. She wanted to get laid. Real bad. But they surprisingly don't allow you into brothels in this world 'grow up'. She was short for her age. All the more woe to her. A sunday. Nothing to do. All the other human kids her age were just that. Kids. Her mum was out with her newest boyfriend, so she had the house to herself and had decided to get zoned. She had freshly run out of cocaine and she was feeling really pissed. And just then it happened. The worlds that had always been so close, yet so far. The veil separating had a tiny hole in it. But big enough to create chaos. None of the punny humans felt it of course. It was only Rei. A slow smile spread on her face and it looks wayyy to creepy on a 12 yr olds face.

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(BSAHAHAHAHAHA can't stop laughing while in towel while re-reading my post.... BAHAHAHAH <3)

(BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH cant stop laughiing.... my family will hear me laughing like a maniac in my room and they'll knock and ill be like "don't come in im naked" and they'd be like O_O *bak away slowly* XD!!!)

(O_O get laid?? XD Anyone in mind? ;) )

All light disapeared until suddenly BOOM he apeared onto of a little girl.
"What the...?" Her clothes looked realy weird. What WAS she wearing? never seen clothes like that... he himself was wearing a feet length black claock. One of his daggers fell out of his cloack and he was like: Shoot

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(bettayal knows my name .... i just wqtched a biy of ep one and from the openig theme song ive gathered that there os a very very hot vampire involved....and the protagomnist is an orphan and in oe pic in the orphanige it jad fhe blond haired guy as a small boy and what seems ro be like blond's friend who happens to be the ecact same age as in the pic ;) no dubs btw only subs

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((Your mum: Um...why is our daughter laughing like a crazy maniac while naked?
Dad: I think...
Mom: *horrified* NO...but why?
Dad: She is a teen now, you know how they are...
Mom: Should we break the door?
Dad: Yeah, let's do that. On 3.

((Rei: Yeah, till I seduce luke, I need someone to satisfy me. I don't mind curly haired girls you know...
Rei: What?
Me: _._,))

((I don't watch dubs anyway, so that's okay~ I"ll watch it soon.))

Rei had been wearing cute little black shorts and a white sleeveless printed tank top. She was knocked backward and fell on her back as a man in batman cape kinda thing fell on top of her and sat straddling her. Black hair, striking dark eyes...he looked like he could be the guitarist of one of her metal bands. And then his dagger fell out and Rei's eyes widened. Of course she had been expecting something bizarre, and his cloths didn't faze her either. She herself had worn cloaks of that kind a few hundred years ago after all. But judging by that dagger, this one knew how to use it and if you had to go by the sharpness to which it had been honed, she's say that he loved all sharp objects. An assassin. She knew one when she saw one, though it had been a long long while since she had seen a genuine one.

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(Me: -.-' nah they woulkdn't think that :'( i saved my virginity for Luke <3 XD)

(XD well i read three chapatcers of the manga and its slightly different so now im hugely confused.. should finish ep 1 today)

(-_- no rei, go away, Luke is MINE)

(hehehhe Luke spends his millions of dollars on buying the very best and nothing but the best weapons and poisons.)

Luke almost flew backwards.. his wings were hidden so npt literally XD...
"Sorry." He mumbled in his deep sexy voice, collecting his fully black dagger from the floor. There was a black gem on the black hilt and in glinted lightly from the overhanging light source...ok then... what was that?...He shrugged and examined his dagger, ignoreing Rei completely. There was a slight dent on the hilt and he frowned deeper than he was already. He'd have to take it to a blacksmith's as soon as possible. It was one of his favourite daggers. It had killed the most people and was the sharpest of them all. He opened his cloack to reveal several other daggers all lined up in loops made out of leather. Most of the daggers were theathed in a back seath, some were grey but most were black. A select few had black gems on them. Those were his favourite and most used ones. The black gems contained shadows in them. Luke put a shadow into those gems so that when he stabbed someone a shadow can enter their hearts and destroy their mind as well as their bodys. Very affisiant XD. If you looked closley you could see a black (XD) katana seasthed in his belt. Hidden everywere on his body were mu;tiple other daggers. He had a pair of sumerie (black) swords up his sleeves and a longer pair down his back. He had ninja stars and those dagger like throwing thinguys you see in naruto that the ninjas always use in multple pockets and a couple in a smal back strapped to his leg under the cloak. He had viles of poison and antidotes in every pocket and in the bag slang over his shoulders were multiple deadly and undeadly herbs and plants were stashed along with a money puch containing $3 million in medival money XD.
He put the claock back over his waist. He then looked around the room. It was very strange. Luke's brow furrowed and he inspected the tv (you got a tv? XD oh well... now you do XD). '
'weird...where am i?;' he wondered

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HOW LONG!??!?!!? XD!!!

like his weapons? he has more at home ;)

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Unknown | 42 comments ((I finished ep 1!! On ep 2 right now!!))

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YAYAYAYYAYAA LOL I finsihed 3 chapters, now 3/4 past ep 1... i have multiple screenshots of zess on my phone now XD YOU CAN NOT HAVE HIM HE IS MINE NO TOUCHY!!

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OMG ZESS IS AMAZING IN THE ANIME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 btw the anime is kinda different from the manga. and btw i loved the ending :') REP,LY SOON <3!!

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Unknown | 42 comments Zess?? Who's he?

Rei stood up warily. "If you plan to go around parading in that costume, the cops are sure to have you behind the bars soon." Her eyes were wide in need as she took in his collection of daggers and knives and poisons. Those used to be hers at one time. She used to own those knives too, though she had never had the ones with the gems. Hers had always been silver instead of black too. But now, setting her eyes upon them, she wanted to feel the weight of it in her hands, see if she still remembered to wield it. Although she suspected she wouldn't be able to do it at once. This body had never known the feel of them. Rei's eyes caught on the tiny black vial with the black liquid. Though she knew it wasn't black, it was a blue too dark. "Shadelock!" She gasped. "It's that, like uber rare? Omg!!" She felt revulsion at her own voice. What kind of words was she using? Good were the days when she was a tarot reader in old britain. Nothing beats british accent and the old school charm. The new language of 'cool' and 'awesome' was extremely distasteful. But right now that wasn't her priority. Rei suppressed the urge to tell him to be careful as he inspected her huge plasma. "You portalled, if you haven't figured that already. You are in my world, a world different from yours." She said trying to make her voice the husky mysterious thing it would be in a few years. Right now, it was wayy to high pitched and childish.

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(O_O!!!!!!!!!!! onlyu the hotest character in the betrayal thingy!!!! he is the black haired, silver eyed strnager that saves yuki!!!)

"What is omg?" Luke asked with wonder. "And what portal? Do y ou mean that vortex that pulled me in along with a sheep? XD. In addition, how do you know of Shadwlock? it is extremly rare and hardly ayone knows about it....You have a strange world...what is this thing? A magic mirror? And what is this light source?":
Luke's head was bursting with questions.
"And do tell me where i cna find an expert blacksmith"

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(-.-' ugh so short)

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Unknown | 42 comments ((OMGFG!!! Haauuuu!!! *puppy dog eye* Pwease? Share with me? Pwease??))

((Oh, wait...who's Luka then???))

Rei burst out laughin in a completely unladylike way. " smith. Oh, man! We are gonna have fun. You have a lot to learn. OMG stands for Oh My God. It's an exclamatory phrase. Yeah, yeah. The vorte..sheep? there was sheep?" She looked around warily again. She definitely didn't want a sheep to land on her. "You won't find those kinds of poisons in this world, neither the antidotes. I know of Shadelock as I myself have used many a times." Rei didn't know how to answer his magic mirror question. How did you explain to a guy about circuits and diodes and satellites? " won't find a blacksmith here. And I wouldn't recommend letting anyone know that you carry any of these stuff."

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apparently luka IS zess: i think yuki is a re-incarnation of his lover)

Luke frowned and re-drew his dented dagger.
"But there is a dent in it." he then drew out his pouch of gold and spilt it on a table. All the gold was like WOW (lol).
"I'll pay you half of this to take me to any blacksmith..there HAS to be one!!!"

(gosh -.-' lukey, where is your dark side gone?
Luke: dont worry, once i aint so confused ill go back to dark <3)

"Weird poisons? So what do you use insted? And how have you come to use such a poison in this weird world?:"

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Unknown | 42 comments ((Yeah, figured. No wonder yuki looks like a girl.))

Rei practically choked when she saw the gold. She lifted a coin and bit it, making a tiny dent in it. "Pure gold." She marveled. "No there are no blacksmiths here. No one uses knives and daggers here...well, other than for cutting up vegetable or meat, but that's it. It was a long time ago when I used the poison, a long long time ago." she said lost in thought. "We use these here..." Rei smiled lovingly as she pulled out a silver .45 kimber stainless pistol from her mum's drawer. And just then it hit her exactly where her mum hid the booze.

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(lol yeah)

(pfft!!!! lol)

Luke raised a brow as he saw the gun. He put out a hand as if to say 'let me see' He set his dagger down on the counter amond the glittering gold.
"What..what does it do?"


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Unknown | 42 comments ((Who??
No, I don;t think so. Ia has that braid thingy, Rei doesn't))

((Yussss!!! But he's not my style-lol))

Rei lifted the gun out of his reach, but since she was much shorter, it didn't do any good. "I would rather you not. I don't want you blowing a hole in yourself." Or someone hearing the report and calling the cops. That would be bad. This person was starting to make her uncomfortable.

((grrrr, luke!! Where is your dark side???))

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(but they have same necklace and colour and type of hair!! rei's hair is just out..... )

(lol he is totatlly mine <3)

Luke: im just confused, when i know what to do and when ive figured sttuff out ill be dark XD)

Luke ignored her adn put the gun into a spare loop in his cloack XD.
"You got any food? World travel makes you hungry." He said in a flat tone"

(ugh too short too tired but....: XD watch till the end!!)

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there are three parts to that plus one in the POV of len plus one in the POV of a white haired one )

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Unknown | 42 comments ((LOL, the lord of darkness was awesomeness.
hehe, I've already seen the whole Evil Saga, I think Regret Message is the best song of it all, soo sweet.

Rin and Len are the only people who can pull of twincest with such awesomeness. <3<3<3<3
Have you heard Psychotic Len's Love song? (yandelenka)????

DUDE!!! Have you Heard Iroha??? She's my favourite vocaloid!!!...well, after Luka anyway.))

((...yeah, maybe they are the same. I dun know. Actually, Rei is supposed to have green eyes. I'll have to change it.))

((Okay, okay, I'm waiting.))

"HEY!! GIVE IT BACK!" Rei made a mad grab for her gun. It was technically her mum's, but she had lost her licence long ago, and she had just mindfucked the cops into thinking they had retrieved it. Since then, the silver baby had been hers and she was in love with it. No way she was handing it over to a weird guy form the other world. Only now did she realize how weak and useless her childish body was. "Give it back!!! It's Mine!!!!!" She cried, ignoring his food comment.

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(my fav is servant of evil!! you know there is a fan made thingy of the saga only len is the evil prince and rin is the maid!! XD i also love re-birthday!! that one was realy sad and so was regrett message :'(

im wondering about meiko.. who is she??? well.. iu nmmean... is she any good?

im loveing kaito so much after that song!! XD)

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totally ignoring her he walked over to the frige and oepened the door. he stared at in it blankly. "what on earth do you peopel eat in this world?"

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(so short :'( i am sooo sorry!!)

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Unknown | 42 comments ((Meiko sounds like Len. Absolutely like Len. I didn't like her very much.))

this is Luka and Iroha singing the cover. <33 <<= Iroha and Gumi. Iroha again.
My two fav songs. I loveeeee her voice.

((Lol, yeah I've seen that version. Though I like the PV of the original version.

Gwhahahah, yeah me too. 'Ah, what a funny face'))

Rei was officially pissed. She clenched her hands, her eyes just for an instant seemed to be no-there. As is they were just a reflection from some other world.
Then the fridge melted in his hands. The walls melted to dark nothingness. Everything went away, except for them two. Shadows flit quickly by. She was no longer the little girl, though she still retained the form. The demon she really was shone through, it's hideousness not suppressed by the pretty body, but accentuated in high contrast because of it. "Listen. And listen close. Do not presume to slight me, or you shall pay. It is my world, and you shall play by my rules."

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(what colour is iroha? is she the purple fan made one?)

(Is gumi that cute green haired one? i think she is my BFFL's fav vocaloid XD)

(lol yeah!! i took pictures on my phone!!! Xd <3)

(re-reading +anima and am gushing and squeeling over senri's every action with the same hysterics as the first time XD also squealing at cooro's cuteness!!)

Luke blinked at her through dissdanful and bored eyes. "Where'd your that white thing go? It had food in itt..."
Luke wondered what she'd think about HIS world.. not the world he came from but the world he commanded, the world of shadows. He stared at the passing shadows. He felt like joinning and becomeing one with them but he was too hungry to do that.

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