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who thought that the books we're better than the films?
Vanessa Vanessa Mar 14, 2013 02:37AM
Does anyone think that the series of the travelling pants is way better than the film versions?

I watched the film version first and loved it so much. I then read the books later on and I loved them even more. I'm glad I watched the film (I only watched the first) first because it allowed me to like it. I think the Bailey and Tibby relationship was done really well and I thought they made good actor choices. The book was better than the film but the film was good too.

The books are always better & in this case, Book 2 & film 2- were they even the same thing? So much in Film 2 out in left field from the book. I saw the movies first and liked them in their own right. Glad I did it that way too because if I had the books first, I would have hated the films for all the things they got wrong!

I liked the books better than the movies. I read all of the books. I didn't get to see the second movie but i saw the first movie I though it was good but left out main details.

TOTALLY! the films sucks and they are all mixed, they take part of the books and they just made it all weird. I love the books and I jsut was disappointed with the movies. Eihter way books are almost always better than the movie.

I like the movies, but the books were a lot better as the movies left out a lot of important details. Would recommend the books to any one.

Me too. The books were much better.
But I have to admit that the choice of actresses for the characters were totaly perfect! It was precicly as I pictured them. great actresses too!

WWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY better!!! The first movie was was based all on book 1 and was done real well, even though some things had to be left out and changed. Just the way it happens for books made into movies. But movie #2 was 3 books shoved into one movie. Not good at all. SMH

Much much much better the films exclude a lot of important parts

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