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Reckless Rescue (Barren Planet, #1)
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Rinelle Grey (rinellegrey) | 21 comments It’s my birthday today, and to celebrate, I’m giving Reckless Rescue away for free on Amazon for one day only! Download your free copy, share the link with your friends, and if you enjoy the book, please leave a review!

Reckless Rescue (a barren planet romance #1) by Rinelle Grey What would you risk for love?

Marlee’s people are dying—the valuable anysogen gas that covers their planet is making the entire population infertile. When the council tells her she must leave her partner and choose another to improve her chances of having a baby, she’s devastated. She swears she’ll never love again—it hurts too much.

Tyris thinks he has everything he wants, despite his world suffering from overpopulation—until his wife leaves him because he is forbidden to have children.

In an attempt to convince his world, and his wife, that he’s worthwhile, Tyris goes hunting for a lost planet said to contain untold riches in the form of anysogen gas.

When he crashes on her world, Marlee and Tyris agree to pretend to live together while they try to repair his ship and escape from the planet. But as they battle the harsh winter on the planet together, keeping their distance becomes even more challenging than the snow, the council and the risks of a real relationship…

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AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Happy Birthday! Thank you for the book!

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Rinelle Grey (rinellegrey) | 21 comments Thank you! I hope you enjoy it.

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Rinelle Grey (rinellegrey) | 21 comments Updating this thread to say that Reckless Rescue is free again, this time for three days. Grab your copy now! It's currently #17 in romance/Sci-fi on Amazon!

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AnnaM (annamc) | 1111 comments Great! Thanks!

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