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message 1: by Nerfy (new)

Nerfy (robynleanne) Hey all, RobynLeane from Fairytales and Folklore here.

Now I know that Addicted to YA is having The Host as one of its BOTM this March, but to celebrate the release of the film Fairytales and Folklore and Forget About TV, Grab a Book, are hosting their own read-a-long.

We'll use this thread to chit chat about the book and hopefully about the film when it comes on and we've all had a chance to see it!

Check out the blogs:


We'll start reading the book on March 22nd so you've got a week or so so get psyched up!

More updates to come

message 2: by Nerfy (new)

Nerfy (robynleanne) Not long now guys. If you're not following The Host read-a-long on this group then remember to stop off at ours, which starts tomorrow!

We'll be reading it for the next couple weeks before and after the film so remember to add this thread to your feed for some booky chit chat.

message 3: by Berenice (new)

Berenice (ccb014) | 2 comments Ok, so I just started the book, I am 30 pages in a.k.a. about to start chapter 4.
I am liking the scenario and what I know about the characters that are now in play.
There was this part that made me sad, where the Wanderer says it doesn't remember the names of certain things it lived in other host's, if they cannot keep the knowledge then it sounds kind of frivolous to change bodies every so often doesn't it??

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