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Lily Malone Lily Mar 14, 2013 12:02AM
His Brand of Beautiful

Do authors usually start their own discussion? I don't know... I'm a newbie after all.
I'd like to get views on whether condoms are a 'must' in a Contemporary Romance novel.
The reason I ask, is one of my book reviewers baulked during my novel at a scene involving a condom (or lack of one). In fact 'baulked' is probably light-on. She said the scene annoyed her and reading between the lines, I sensed she felt I was irresponsible for the way I mentioned condoms in the scene.
In books I've read, condoms rarely come up. My theory on this is that the characters are older. In His Brand Of Beautiful, the lead characters are 35 and 38 and neither are depicted as particularly promiscuous prior to meeting.
Additionally, my heroine wants to get herself knocked up... that's very central to my plot, and so introducing a condom kind of gets in the way (literally!)
What do you think? Is it up to authors to educate the world via the pages of a contemporary romance novel?
Do you think there's any difference in the ages of the H&H in determining whether condoms should be used? (e.g. teens vs early 20s clubbers, vs 1 night stand-type stories etc).
Any distinctions? Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance!
Lily M

Oh I read this book and it was great!!! :) As you said, a condom would totally get in the way with this plot!!! As a reader, no it is not up to authors to educate the world!!! Contemporary romance is fiction, and most of us reading it are adults who should be responsible for ourselves if you know what I mean! I have noticed in books I read more recently condoms are mentioned more frequently, but as you pointed out sometimes the story doesn't call for one!!
I think there is enough education out there that people should realize in real life one is usually used.
So no, I don't think it was irresponsible of you or any author to mention or not mention condoms.
Thanks for a GREAT read!! :)

Lily Malone Hi Sue - thanks for commenting - and thanks for rating my book. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Lily M
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