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New book by Israeli Author

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Donna Bossin | 2 comments Announcing the e-publication of a new novel by Israeli author Gadi Bossin: Annie's Prophecy.
I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Israel, the struggle for freedom in Iran, contemporary Jewish life, and particularly to all of you who have ever wondered what happened to a long-ago lover.
Please pass this announcement on to your list of contacts, and especially to all the book lovers you know. Thanks.
Synopsis: When Annie Yousefian and Geddy Mason meet and fall in love on an Indiana campus in 1970, they know they are destined to part. Annie is the daughter of a well-to-do Iranian family and the graduate of an exclusive Parisian boarding school. Geddy is a Canadian in the USA on a student visa. He plans to move to Israel after completing his M.A. studies. In 2006, after no contact between the two for thirty-five years, Geddy discovers via the Internet that Annie will be the featured speaker at an end-of-summer conference in Ottawa. He determines to go unannounced to see her. But the month-long Second Lebanon War puts his travel plans on hold and his concern that Annie might turn him away shakes his resolve.
A love affair between a Jewish Israeli man and a Muslim Iranian woman seems highly unlikely, yet for Geddy Mason, the book's main character, nothing could be more natural... or more problematic. The book tells the story of Geddy's life as he struggles to come to grips with his long-ago love.
The book is available at

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Claire Datnow (goodreadscomclaire) | 30 comments Thanks for sharing a book about the human dilemma.

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Revital Shiri-Horowitz (revital-sh) | 19 comments Thanks for sharing this book with us.

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Shmuli Cohen Thanks got sharing will give it a lookin

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Francine Weistrop | 15 comments I just ordered it for my Kindle but it does not seem to be available in hard copy. I think my book club would like to read it but not all of them have a Kindle. Do you know if it is available as a book? (remember those?)

Donna Bossin | 2 comments Hi Francine,
So far the book has only been published as an e-book (for reading on Kindle, tablet or PC. We are looking into possibilities for hard copy publication but have not yet decided which route to go.
The author would be thrilled to have your book club read it.

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Shira Reiss | 70 comments I also run a Hadassah book group in Denver. But many women do not own an ereader and so we do not choose books that are not in book format and/or in the library. So, let me know if it comes out in book format and who is the publisher. We can ask our libraries here to order the book.

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Patricia O'Sullivan | 53 comments I read the first few pages on Amazon and it is well-written and engaging. Looking forward to reading the entire book!

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