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Mona Darling | 3 comments Hello All! I'm Mona Darling. I've worked as a professional dominatrix in a large city for the last twenty years and now, after twenty years of dealing with (mainly) men's fantasies, I've turned my attentions to women's sexual desire. I recently published an anthology of stories of women's sexual desire called Glitter, and would love for it to be part of a larger movement helping women deal with the shame of sexual desire (or assault for that matter.)

The book is just over 40 stories from women who are from every walk of life, and every sexual orientation. Right now I'm looking for women to of course, read and review Glitter to help spread the world, but I'm also looking for women to share their story on the Glitter web site Glitterhood.

I would really like to capitalize on the fact that everyone is talking about Fifty Shades of Grey to help women realize that we all have sexual kinks, desires and pasts. To help us not judge each other as sluts or prudes, and to understand that we all have our own interests.

If you would like to join the Glitterhood (the sisterhood of the Glitter) let me know. :-)

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Rebecca O'Donnell (RebeccaODonnell) | 3 comments Exactly. I was sexually abused as a little kid, and blamed by my mother for being, in her words, "an incestuous slut." I used to be so ashamed of what I thought I was, but once I realized I was an insecurity addict and ruled by self hatred, I took steps to heal myself. Regardless of our pasts, regardless of our present circumstances, we are, none of us, anybody's dirty little secret. Take care of yourself, and good luck!

Mona Darling | 3 comments Thanks Rebecca. Your story is similar in a way to mine. Abuse that was caught and I, as a preschooler, was deemed slutty. I've also worked hard on healing and moving passed those feelings. I'm really hoping Glitter can help others move passed theirs as well. So many woman have talked to me about feeling ashamed of rape, abuse and even their personal kinks. Not everyone has access to help or is strong enough to heal those wounds. I'm hoping that just hearing from others will be a step in the right direction.

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Rebecca O'Donnell (RebeccaODonnell) | 3 comments I wrote my memoir FREAK: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict, to help people, too. You take care of yourself, and keep helping others see how unnecessary it is to hold onto shame. Important stuff.

Mona Darling | 3 comments I'm also looking for writers who would like to post about their stories on www.glitterhood.com.

I'm looking for true stories of women's sex and desire. They don't need to be sexy. Exploring your sexuality isn't always sexy.

Trans stories are encouraged. I just ask that you identify as a woman at the time of the story.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Laura Gray-Rosendale | 4 comments Hi there. My book _College Girl: A Memoir_College Girl: A Memoir is coming out today with Excelsior. It's about my sexual assault while I was in college. I really hope that folks in this group check it out. It took me a long time to write it. It's been well-reviewed thus far. I am guessing that a lot of folks in this roup have been through what I describe.

People have asked me whether it was "cathartic" to write it. My answer is "The first 100 versions were 'cathartic.' The book you are reading has nothing to do with catharsis. But it took me all of those crappy drafts to get there."

Please let me know your thoughts on it, if you do pick it up.

Best to you,

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Leone Britt | 2 comments Hi I'm new here and want to let you know my book An Inch of Love, An Inch of Ashes (Survival through insight and courage after a life of betrayal)is out now and available on Amazon etc, published by Xlibris. It's based on a true story but I've turned my pain into fiction - http://bookstore.xlibris.com/Products...

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