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Tom Clancy Presents: Act of Valor
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Act of Valor Review

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Tyler Cambron | 3 comments Act of Valor is dedicated to all of the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their nation. I have always had respect for soldiers and their families. Mainly because im lucky enough to have gotten to know my grandpa who fought in Cuba in the Bay of Pigs during the Cold War.
Act of Valor is a book that under went a lot scrutiny for being published because of its content. In the book it tells the story of SEAL team 7 and the battles they fought to try and story of the biggest terriorist attack in US history. The book main characters are Lt, Rorke and Chief Dave, they have been best friends since they both became SEALs in the same class. Lt. Rorke is a father to be in the novel who is deployed with his team to different places around the world.

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Tyler Cambron | 3 comments the reason they were deployed in the first place was to bring home two abducted CIA agents who were sent to Puerto Rico to get intel on a wanted drug smuggler named Christo. As they go to rescue the agents they find a cell on one the bad guys that leads to the discovering of the relationship and plans of Christo and a well-known Ukrainian terrorist, Abo Shabal, to destroy major landmarks in the US.

As the story unfolds SEAL Team 7 is called upon to intersect these plans. The book does an excellent show the relationship between these brothers. I highly recommend this book if you can put up with a story that drags a bit at the beginning. As the story goes the plot thickens and the action picks up. The things people do to help people that they dont even know is shown off in this book. It really opened my eyes and now i have a greater respect those chosen few.

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