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Better than Beautiful Disaster?
KJ KJ Mar 13, 2013 09:59PM
I really really liked this book. Once I got past the slow intro and snotty roommate, I enjoyed it more than Beautiful Disaster. Anyone else?

Beautifully Damaged wasn't the best read for me. I found it lacking in alot of areas. It wasn't horrible, but I've definitely read better. I have not read Beautiful Disaster yet.

I tried reading this, got to the second chapter, but it was entirely too slow. Beautiful Disaster is one of my faves, I may have to give it another try.

hell yeah . much better

They are different.. i can't really compare them. I liked them both :)

I loved both. I would pick beautiful disaster though since the author made Travis more sexy. Trace was hot, especially with the tattoo but, once you got to the middle of the book. His hotness wore off but, I still gave the book 5 stars.

Beautifully damaged was not my favorite by far. It was all I could do to even finish it. It does not even come CLOSE to Beautiful Disaster; Not by a long shot.

Honestly, I loved both books. I thought there was many things in common in both books; however, I thought both books were great. I thought Beautifully Dammaged was a combination of many popular books though. It seemed to me that there was some common points from Bared to You as well. I think that Beautifully Damaged could have been 2 books, but I extremely enjoy it. I wouldn't mind having a Travis or Trace for myself! :)

I love Beautiful Disaster. I had a hard time getting into Beautifully Damaged. I actually put it down and read a few other books. But I did pick it back up and I enjoyed it very much, however, I felt like it was disconnected at times, that it just didn't flow well. And I don't know how you can really compare the two books, they are completely different from each other.

I am just about done Beautiful Disaster (enjoying it) and have read Beautifully Damaged (loved it). I think they are completely different books to be honest. I love them both and can't pick one more than the other.

Karen wrote: "I really really liked this book. Once I got past the slow intro and snotty roommate, I enjoyed it more than Beautiful Disaster. Anyone else?"

I loved Beautifully Damaged much better also. There is more depth in it. The story behind Trace's brokenness is deep and makes you root for him even more.

I liked Trace so much more than Travis :)

Karen wrote: "I really really liked this book. Once I got past the slow intro and snotty roommate, I enjoyed it more than Beautiful Disaster. Anyone else?"

I wasn't all that thrilled with Beautiful Disaster, so I won't read the sequel as it is just from his point of view. I don't want to revisit all that angst.
All really enjoyed Beautifully Damaged, but I wish she would write a book about Rafe also Lucien would be interesting.
I am not interested in sequels where it is just from the other persons point of view, and it is not adding anything new to the story. No need to rehash the story, you get it the first time around and I would rather spend my time reading all the other books that are out there.
Just my opinion.

I am on the fench on if I like it better than beautiful disaster. I do however like the fact that this book had more to it than just the bad boy falls in love story to it. It was a mystery as well, I was surprised more in this book. But with that said, some was just too unbieveable. like how she just made instant friends with people, who does that? and so trusting too?

Walking Disaster (sequel to Beautiful Disaster) comes out in a couple of weeks. I can't wait!!!!!!

I think I preferred Beautiful Disaster but I really enjoyed Beautifully Damaged too.

Beautiful Disaster definitely

I really enjoyed this book, I havent read Beautiful Disaster so I cant compare them.I loved how persistent Ember was in fighting for what she wanted. I loved both of there stalking skills it was cute. I was kinda embarrassed for her at times about some of the things she did but i saw why she did it. A must read for everyone.

Did anyone read the first edition of this book and then read the revised edition? I have both and read both, and they are vastly different. L.A. Fiore changed quite a bit in the second version.

BEE was there a second version released? where can i get it? I thought the book got potential, but definitely need a lot of revision. would love to read t ...more
Jun 19, 2013 07:14PM
LisaLisa The first version I got was much different than the current revised one. I have both. There are different scenes and an entirely different outcome wit ...more
Jun 20, 2013 05:46AM

to be honest i did not care for beautifully damaged. i felt like it was 2 books crammed into one. i rolled my eyes a lot in this book. beautiful disaster however i LOVED. i have read it twice, and love it more each time i read it.

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