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The Keeper of the Isis Light (Isis, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > sci fiction (trilogy?): girl raised by robot who hides mirrors from her b/c she doesn't look human, boy from different planet settles with colony [s]

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Seor WZ | 11 comments spoilers below:

so first book starts out, there’s a boy travelling through space with a colony or something. i remember they were put asleep for a while and woke up at a new planet. there’s a girl there, and spoiler alert, she doesn’t look human or something, and she has a robot caretaker who hides all mirrors so to keep her from knowing she doesn’t look human. i can’t remember if the main character notices or not at first, but i have an inkling he does.

plot happens, romance probably does too, there might be valleys and a mountain thingy in the landscape that the characters visit. there’s a taboo of some sort, maybe a dam, a fight brewing that might’ve been stopped.

in the last book, the main male character from the first book has become the chief of his people, and the female character, who went off to live in the mountains or somewhere far away (OH WAIT I REMEMBER. IT WAS TABOO FOR THE COLONY PEOPLE TO GO SEE HER, AND THE NEW NARRATOR DOES AND EXPECTS HER TO BE A MONSTER OR SOMETHING. THE ELDERLY OF THE VILLAGE REMEMBER SOMETHING DIFFERENT, BUT THE KIDS ARE TOLD TO DISREGARD THEIR RAMBLINGS - OR IS THIS SOME COMMON TROPE I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S REAL AND WHAT’S WHAT)

the robot caretaker had turned himself off when his non-human looking friend died, since that’s the closest thing he can experience death

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Sue Elleker | 763 comments This is the Isis trilogy by Monica Hughes.
The girl's parents died when she was a baby, and the robot tinkered with her DNA so that she could live freely on the planet; as it had high radiation levels. The colononist could only live in the valleys.
When they arrived, the robot gave her a suit to wear, with a human-looking facemask, and told her it was to keep her safe from unknown germs.
1. The Keeper of the Isis Light (1980)
2. The Guardian of Isis (1981)
3. The Isis Pedlar (1982)

She and one of the colonist boys fall in love, but he is horrified when she opens her mask.

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Kitty | 314 comments wait its a trilogy? I read the first book ages ago never knew there were more books.

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Andria (airdna) | 2500 comments Mod
The Keeper of the Isis Light - for the link.

Tess | 439 comments Keeper of the Isis light! I had no idea it was a trilogy! ::runs to library to find rest of series::

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Seor WZ | 11 comments thanks guys!

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