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What is by far the most frustrating thing you read while reading the Twilight saga? Characters and events that happened!

Lauren wrote: "Ok probably the most frustrating event for me was in Breaking Dawn. Where the heck was the battle at the end? All they did was talk, sure there were some murder attempts but whatever. Meyer could h..."

I totally agree with you about the ending! The whole book it builds up to this big fight that's going to happen, and then it never does! It annoyed me sooo much! I'm sooo glad that they made an actual fight scene in the movie. It made it sooo much better than the ending of the book.

The most frustrating thing for me was when Edward was there to save Bella from the kid skidding towards her in the minivan in the school parking lot. lol

Although I love Jacob as one of the main characters, I was most annoyed that he wouldn't give up after she most definitely picked Edward-how he got upset all the time. It was frustrating when I was knee deep in the series. Of course I then understood at the end why he was drawn to her, but, still, it was aggravating as a reader that this remained a dominant plotline.

The whole 'Jenks' scenes were unbearably wearisome!

Edward leaving Bella... Didn't enjoy New Moon as much as I did the other books.

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*Spoiler Alert: Breaking Dawn Part 2*
The thing that frustrated me the most was the end of Breaking Dawn. Sure, I like happy endings, but I felt like something had to happen. I loved how they did this scene in the movie. You got to experience a fight and the killing off of favorite characters, but still had the same ending. I was shocked and wanted to cry when I watched my favorite characters die.

"I guess my brain will never work right. At least I'm pretty." - This, this right here, the most frustrating thing, though it was difficult to call, there are plenty of frustrating moments to choose from.:/

the thing that annoyed me the most was that the conflicts didnt stay the same during the whole series...if that makes any sense...let me explain

twilight: edward killing bella/james the vamp. killing bella

new moon: bella killing herself over edward/bella being killed by Victoria the vamp./ and the volturi

eclipse: bella being killed by victoria and her army /more volturi

breaking dawn: (victoria just disappears here what the hell with that??) bella dying in childbirth/the volturi killing everyone!!!


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Cassie It was a chain reaction. None of that would have happened if Bella wasn't playing baseball with the Cullens (aside from the pregnancy, possibly, but t ...more
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I hated listen to Bella complain about Edward leaving her. I understand she was heartbroken but she didn't have to complain about all the time. She should have tried to get over him.

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The whole series to be honest I don't understand the hype,
The books about a whiny annoying girl who can't survive without her vampire boyfriend how much more boring can you get?

Tgere is so much wrong, I don't know where to begin. How about his stalking her in her bedroom every night? But as for the writing...the constant, relentless reference to "his eyes" "those eyes"...gag and gag again.


it was when Edward left Bella! I went crazy and was so mad

The endless sections on how "beautiful" Edward is. Seriously, we get it.

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Bella. Just, Bella. She just annoys me to no end.

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When Bella meet that guy to get the passports.

I found it was the overuse of the word 'chagrin'. It was on almost every page and drove me mad. obviously meyer does not own a thesaurus!

New moon- when bella refused to believe that edward really did love her and wasnt just guilty!!!

And the way- in every book- that, even though she's human, bella seems to think she's storng and she can actually fight! its good that shes strong willed, but damn, annoying

How bout the entire thing??
The fact that Bella was whiny and spineless was more frustrating

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The part where I stopped reading for like week because it was so frustrating was when Edward left and Bella started doing all those weird adrenaline filled things and almost killed herself....

Jacob and Reneesme. Just wrong!!

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Aw, I have to pick just one thing?
Well then, one word: Bella.

the scene where alice shows up in NEW MOON and bella just deserts jacob right there and then. that killed me. i always hated bella, but that made me despise her :p

besides the entire 2nd and 4th book?
edward. how he keeps going back and forth from "we shouldn't be frieds?" to "i cant stay away from you" crap. make up your mind, like half the first book is just him going back and forth and bella cooing about how beautiful he is.

The most frustrating thing in the Twilight series is vampire baby in the begin didn't she write that vampire were not fertile or did I just imagine that?

Hannah I thought it was just that they didnt know. It 'had never happened before' so they didnt even think it was possible. They had never heard of a vamp wi ...more
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I have to pick one?!

I... I can't just pick one, there was just too much wrong.

That Bella and Edward are together. Yes, Jacob might have.. a wrong mind, but he's still fun, tall, HAS AN 8-PACK, and dang, he looks good. XD On the other hand.. Edward is boring, too protective, mysterious, EEW, and did you see him in the movie? I was like, I thought Edward was supposed to look.. Good? (Sorry Robert/Edward fans!)

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