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Update #4 State of Wonder

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message 1: by A. Sehar (new)

A. Sehar | 13 comments Striking & Powerful Quote:
"Such is your bravery. Such is my good fortune." (p112)

"Applying logic where no logic could be applied." (p116)

Powerful Word Image:
"The smell came up to her in layers: water, fish, mud, death." (p116)

Powerful Sound Image:
"Far outside the city the tree frogs were calling her, and the deep, rhythmic pulse of their voices set the blood flow to her heart." (p118)

The poison cures.
The induced illness had left.
With the old disease.

message 2: by E (new)

E Geist | 11 comments Mod
i like this poem. poignant line, With the old disease.

message 3: by A. Sehar (new)

A. Sehar | 13 comments It's sort of an interesting and attractive idea as well. The poison's ability to cure. Ironic in more ways than one.

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