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Victory Tour of the 20th Hunger Games, won by Flint Coulthard of district 2.

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District 1
"Greta and Savannah. Two great tributes, though they were reluctant to join the careers. At first they were both hard to trust, both being new and Savannah having attempted to shoot me. But when you're a career, you make sacrifices. Like Savannah did.
"I'm glad she went down fighting, even though she was literally back stabbed. I can honestly say, she was one of the few I would have liked to see here in my place.
"Greta, though, was too emotional for my liking. He left us to join Lily and Arya, and became too attached to them, which I think is what contributed to his downfall. Before we entered the arena, I knew it would be down to me, him and Logan, though I expected Savannah,Lily and River there too."

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District 3
"I didn't know either of these tributes, though I now know I killed the boy. From what I can tell, both were young and neither were ready for the arena. I'm just glad they died day one before they really had to suffer."

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District 4
"Logan Reeves. My only ally that stood by me 'til the end. He was loyal, strong, an all round good tribute. If I couldn't be here, I'd have liked him to be. He was the closest thing to a friend I had, even if I meant nothing to him. I'd like to thank his sister, for teaching him all he knew. Without you, he would never have made it as far as he did.
"Lily, for me, was a one off career. From the moment we met, she decided to go against me, something I consider very brave for her. She made enemies early on, but she also made great allies. Arya. Lexi. Greta. Logan. She must have been very likable, though I was never on the receiving end of it. I can't help but wonder how much further she would have got with the careers, even if she did do well in her own alliance."

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District 5
Nik and Lola, the alliance from five. Ever since the Cornucopia Lola had it out for me, managing to shoot me, something no one managed to accomplish, even if I did take a spear to my shoulder. Nik managed a knife too, though that wasn't significant."
"On the whole, both seemed talented and determined. It takes a lot to even attempt to fight a career, so I'd like to congratulate them on their bravery. Nik's sacrifice for Scarlet and Lola. Lola dying alongside her ally. If I wasn't a career, they were the two I'd want to have my back."

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District 6
"Neither of these tributes made it past day one. Both seemed friendly, eager to make allies. I don't know what would have happened to Darius or Link if they'd survived, but I know that they'd have some friends out there watching their backs."

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District 7
"Only one name here is worth mentioning, and that is Lexi. Though she didn't seem much on the outside, she must have been on the inside. She had two great friends and allies, and as I recall, sisters. She never had a chance, but she didn't let it stop her. She definitely left her mark in the arena."

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District 8
"Sophie Jameson, another tribute who never was. From what I recall from training, she also was a knife thrower. If she survived, I don't know whether her skills would have been able to match mine. Judging by her three in training, I wouldn't be so sure."

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District 9
"Lila was an...unexpected fourth place. Until wasn't until her death I knew her name. She must have been pretty smart to be able to avoid us for so long, as well as sneak her backpack from the Cornucopia from under our noses. If there wasn't a fire, I bet she would have been able to outlive us all. She has done district nine proud."

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District 10
"This year district ten had two likely yet unlucky victors. Zoee didn't appear to be much on the outside, but on the inside was someone who managed to pull allies and yet remain out of our range. Unfortunately for her she was killed, but I believe like Jaymz she could have won.
"Jaymz was one of the largest tributes, so the fact I managed to bring him down is something I consider an accomplishment. Most of the other tributes, I expected to bring down. But Jaymz was one of the two I didn't expect to, though in the end he was too slow."

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District 11
"Like district ten, eleven had a surprisingly good chance this year. Nate was one of my earliest enemies, and like Jaymz, I expected him to be the only challenge I faced beyond the careers. If he hadn't have made an enemy in me, he may have been able to win.
"Arya was lucky enough to have found friendship with Lily and Lexi, as well as romance in Greta. Though she wasn't a threat physically, I have to admit she was mentally. Somehow she managed to get two careers on her side, so I'm guessing she must have been really likable, as well as fortunate."

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District 12
"I was surprised how fortunate I was to have found an ally in Rylan, considering he's from twelve. His strong build and personality allowed him to survive and join the career pack, though he was the only person to become his own downfall. He was one of the few I wouldn't have minded winning if I couldn't.
"As for Scarlet, I could tell she was a survivor. At some point she joined district five and managed to escape an attack. She stayed strong even with only one ally, though it seemed she couldn't make it alone.
"I'd like to thank district twelve on the whole for contributing two great assets to the games."

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