The Son of Neptune (The Heroes of Olympus, #2) The Son of Neptune question

Which character do you think should or will die during House of Hades and the last Heros of Olympus books? Add on: who are you hoping won't die?

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Frank and Hazel will obviously die. I mean, you read Mars' comment to Frank right? Frank is supposed to make up for Percy's flaws.

And there's that oath to keep with the final breath, Percy made one to Annabeth to never let her go. I'm guessing Percy won't bear to leave Annabeth in the other side of Tartarus (because of Gaea) so Frank and Hazel would have to take Percy's and Annabeth's place because Frank is supposed to live a glorious but short life and Hazel has already died once, thus allowing Percy to keep his oath with Frank and Hazel's final breaths.

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It's sounds rude I know, but I want Piper to die


To make it real, Rick Riordan should probably make somebody die. But I don't know who!! (Suzanne Collins obviously didn't lose any sleep over killing half of my favorite characters off, so he can kill at least one if he has to!)

Percy, Annabeth and Leo should definitely not die.
Nico too. The thing I think will happen is what if Luke is reborn. Rick Riordan hinted that it might happen.
So that might be the twist.
But unless Rick Riordan wants to lose his fans he must not make Percy and Annabeth die.
Actually I don't want anyone to die. I feel really sad. But Rick Riordan is known for his suspense, right? Anything from Luke being reborn to Percy being dead is possible. We can just brace ourselves.

Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank,and Leo. I hope they are the one who died. Then the story will focus on Percy and Annabeth, just like "Percy Jackson and The Olympians".

Jason and Piper should die. They are so annoying.
I really hope Percabeth doesn't die! They've been through too many books to just die!
Leo is way too fun of a character to die. :(
Nico is a cool character but he isn't part of the 7 so I'm thinking it might be him.
Frank can die at any minute with his stick of life.
Hazel is sweet but she already had a second chance to life.
I'm so excited for the next book!

I have this horrible sinking feeling that Reyna is going to die. Probably while saving Camp Jupiter.

Leoooo do not die! Honestly i dont CARE what will happen to Piper or maybe... Frank

Ive been thinking a lot about this.

I think it would be way to easy to just kill of Leo and Frank, seeing as how Leo's the seventh wheel, and Frank's life depends on a stick. It would just be too easy and expected.
Hazel has already been dead, and as much as i love her, (and i REALLY do!), i don't think she has long left. i could be, and i hope i am, wrong, because i think she needs to stick around, unless Frank dies... no pun intended.
Jason and Piper, well, i don't hate them, like everyone else seems too. I'm thinking at least one of them will die, just to add some crazy drama.
Nico is freaking amazing. I bet he isn't gonna make it out of the damn series alive though... he just seems like he would sacrifice himself, being the son of Hades and all... gods i love him Dx

As for Percy and Annabeth, i'm certain Riordan won't give them a happy ending because Riordan is a ruthless god of trolling. This greatly saddens me because i ship Percabeth like FedEx. I would prefer if this series doesn't end like the Divergent series.. if you know what i mean. Either they both live, or they both die. DO NOT MAKE THEM LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER OH DEAR RICK RIORDAN YOU RUTHLESS AUTHOR PLEASE GRANT PERCABETH MERCY AND GIVE THEM A HAPPY ENDING PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

Lauren wrote: "I feel someone needs to die, I'm not morbid or anything and I love all the characters but he can't finish this series with out a character going away as sad as it sounds. I feel Frank will be kille..."

Nico will sacrifice himself to close the doors. Leo will sacrifice himself to save hazel because his grandfather told him to protect her and hes already lonley and tragic...

I think Nico, Percy, Annabeth, or Frank could die. Nico because he might decide to lock the doors of death, he is the son of the god of the underworld after all. Percy and annabeth because at the end they decided to fall down to Tartarus. Percy might try to be brave and fight someone stronger. Annabeth could fall in battle but shes smart enough to get out. Frank could die within seconds if someone with fire approached Hazel since she has his stick.

PIPERR!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has to die self-righteous, self-centered- retarded retard!!!! She thinks only of herself and her failed relationship with Jason.


My friend thinks... Festus should return as a dragon.
And.. Bessie the ophiotaurus should ride Festus and save the day.

Right now I'm thinking Nico will die BUT then Hades will save him.Even though I think Hades hates Nico 'cause of what happened in "The last Olympian."

I should say Percy and Annabeth shouldn't die because they were pretty good in percy jackson and the oylimpians series, so Rick wouldn't do that unless he wants his fans to get outrageous. 2 or more people will die because of Gaea, and one of that should be Jason because he wasn't very important to the story, being useless. If Rick did try to kill percabeth in tartarus, i don't think that will happen, for now. I know that he is planning something. And i just don't like Jason, or son of Jupiter (no offense Zeus)

Um I think someone will die. I'm not sure who though i'm thinking maybe Leo won't but Frank might die saving Hazel. Hazel might die too they both have the right kind of background i guess. Rick might pull a weird one and kill a really important death like Piper or Jason not Annabeth or Percy they have been in the books too long to just die.

Should die: Jason, Piper, Frank
Should not die: Leo, Hazel, Annabeth, Percy, Nico (even though Nico will probably die to close the doors)

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I king of hope Jason and/or Piper will die... they are so annoying!
I love Nico, but since he isnt exactly part of the seven, he will probably die saving them or something.

would be horrible if anyone died-i would cry
i think that, miracoulously, no one will die for some magical reason
The heroes will save the day !
but yes i will say that something tragic is going to happen-
I really can't guess what's going to happen in the house of hadeas
the son of neptune is the best book of the series so far
I am DYING to know what's going to happen in book 4!
the mark of Athena was Good but less than book 2
and sorry for this useless comment but I just want to add that I am going to marry Leo.

Knowing Rick someone is either is going to die, get seriously hurt, or he/she will have to sacrifice themselves to save the others. That's what Beckondorf did, that's what Silena did and many many others as well. Rick likes to see us go fricking insane and likes to keep us guessing so I think either someone is going to die or sacrifices will be made. I am also positive something back is going to happen to either Percy or Annabeth while they are down in Taturus. The person I would probably be least sad for to die would have to be either Jason or Piper. Piper is just kind of non-important in my look at it. Yes she has saved them a couple times and has grown real close with the other 6 but she had her little five minutes of fame. I also pick Jason because he is so damn aggravating. I mean we fell in love with Percy because he was the Seaweed Brain we all knew and loved but . . . you know what I can't predict anybodies death. I cannot do that to my heart. I just hope that Riordan knows that he will have a lot of crazy fans sending him emails and tweets because he tried to kill of one of our babies. I just hope he knows there will be hell to pay. Love you Rick. :) And those are my thoughts

I don't think any of the 7 will die. Rick will figure something out! He has to!! >:/

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I think it's a possibility that nobody will die. None of the seven, at least. Now, authors tend to surprise their readers, but Uncle Rick doesn't seem like the type of writer who would kill a main character.
For sure, he would never kill Annabeth or Percy, there would be a fan riot!!! In fact, I would lead it!!!!
Frank and Hazel are always a possibility. Technically they're both supposed to be dead.
Nico, as well. He isn't a major character (to me he is, but anyways...) so it'd be easier to kill him off than Percy.
J.K. Rowling said in an interview somewhere that it's hard to kill off characters because you bond with them so much over time. Beckendorf and Silena, and the other dead PJO characters were only in the last few books. Any characters that had been around for a while survived.

I hope no one dies, but I also hope someone does. It would give the books so much more depth, and create so much emotion. Fans will complain if a character gets killed, they'll complain if one doesn't, it's hard to win with them (myself included!)

For the 'Oath to keep with a final breath'

I keep going back to the first series, like these oaths:

When Percy promises Bianca to keep Nico safe
When Annabeth swore to Chiron to keep Percy safe
And then there were a few others

I definitely don't wanna Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Thalia to die :'( I love them!! I hate Octavian so he probably should die :/ Frank is more likely to die I think.

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I seriously don't want PERCY, ANNABETH, LEO AND NICO to die. If they die, I'm gonna curl on my bed and weep all year. And if there'll be someone to die (of course there will), I want it to be OCTAVIAN and DREW.

Nico made a promise to Percy about closing the doors of death and well, that just reminds me of "An oath to keep with the final breath" so :( And one or more out of Leo, Frank and Hazel. The two idiots who annoy me immensely - Jason and Piper - I'm pretty sure will live. >.< As for Percabeth, Rick knows killing both - or worse, just one - could cause massive risk to life and property.

I think Piper should die, and Octavian, definitely those two.
I don't know but I have something against Piper, she's all IDK...selfish and Beauty Queen-ish? And, the only Daughter of Aphrodite I like is Silena Beauregard so...I don't like Piper much. Hey, don't judge me! Everybody has different opinions, and about Octavian?
I mean, who doesn't want him dead?

All of you are SSSOOOOOO negitave!!!!!
I dont want anyone to die! it makes me sad just to think about RR's creations die out!

but IF any one did die it would either be Hazel, Frank, of Nico

HAZEL is supossed to be dead she was brought back by sheer luck and the Fates must of liked her

FRANK's family history is huge and NEVER ended good so I dont think the family tridition willend with him

NICO is more comfortable in the underworld so i think that he will end up there some way or another but i think that he is going to tell percy while he is dying that would be a lot more romantic and tragic

think about these facts and you will see that i am right

After that we've read so many books of Rick..can we really predict who would die?? Right now, everyone on that ship lives are on big stake...and anyone can die...just Anyone! And that includes everyone, including Percy and Annabeth (sorry fans). One thing i'm sure, the last book would be a HUGE EPIC for people. I don't know how just 8 demigods can possibly fight Gaea's army, except the fact that a whole big bunch of Gods fight with them (that would be interesting to see). Well, the point is we really can't predict who's gonna die, anyone could be chosen by Rick.

I think Frank or Hazel will die. But Rick Riordan, DON'T KILL NICO!!!

I think Frank is going to die later in the series--probably in the last book. I really hope that Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Leo don't die. I loved Percy and Annabeth from the very beginning in The Lightning Thief. Nico has been with us for so long, ever since The Titan's Curse; it wouldn't be right if he dies. And Leo, I love him; he's so funny, I would be so sad if he dies.

please please please dont kill Leo! And of couse, everyone wants it to be Octavian, but I doubt he will die.

As much as I want Jason and Piper to die, I don't think Rick would kill them. Maybe Frank or Leo..

I DON'T WANT LEO TO DIE. Okay, he's the only one I cared about right now.

Sadly, I think Nico will die. Someone has to close the doors from the inside of Tartarus and Nico's life is pretty much ruined since he's been in there before. I don't want him to die, but he seems like the person who would do that. He seems kind of depressed. He doesn't have a girlfriend or a best friend, so he won't be hurting anyone super badly on the other side of the gates. Of course Hazel and Percy will miss him, but it's not like it's Percy closing the doors with Annabeth. Plus, Biannca is dead and he might be able to party hardy with her in the underworld. I think he'd like to see his sister again.

As long as it's not Percy or Annabeth, I don't mind too much.

I think The House of Hades might related to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Maybe Annabeth will die and sometimes Percy but he lived again, maybe but I'm not sure.

Well...I have to say. Nobody is not going to get killed. Someone has to stay to lock the doors, and one of them...well...I really LOVE Nico...but he's pretty shaken up, and he IS the son of Hades so...I don't want him to, but Rick Riordan is going to kill off somebody..

Personally, I don't feel any of the seven will die. He has misled us with a prophecy before. Who I think will die? Nico. (Sorry, Nico fans)

Octavian should die and Gia needs to go back to sleep.

I think Frank will die too, or maybe Leo, but I'm leaning much more towards Frank.

Frank Zhang, no question. He's my favorite new character of the bunch. Still, we need a tragic death to add weight and credibility to The Heroes Olympus series. His backstory involves death, and him shapeshifting makes it too easy for the group overcome their odds. He feels the most innocent of the group, that would be increddibly tragic. Aside from that, maybe Jason or Piper, Jason just felt incredibly generic with a boring personality, and Piper for getting on my nerves.

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D ????
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I don't think any of the seven will die. I WILL die if it is Frank, he is just to innocent. Percy and Annabeth will not die ,because they are from the first series ,and they're legendary.

I think it will be either Leo, Frank or Nico. My heart would break if any of them died.

I dont think anyone SHOULD die. It's wrong to wish someone to die. But maybe...maybe, Percy or Annabeth. I have a strange feeling, and I feel terrible, but it may be because they[re so important that they have to go?
But we all know that mister Rick Riordan is the master of twists and turns, right?

i kinda dont want anyone to die. I mean look at Annabeth and Percy, in a relationship....developing such coool powers.....not to menchion being in the books from the BEGINNING. Look at Jason, Piper, and Leo. Awesome characters and dont get me started on how cool it is to have another child of Zeus. Look at Hazel and Frank, new to the books....Romans....budding romance, yeah. Dont forget Nico and Coach Hedge, perfect mysterious and funny background stories that just add depth to the series. Soooo if someone should die it should be Octavian. (pardon me but he sucks)


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Annabeth could die....:-}

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