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Ello! Sorry i had to eat >_< haha any ideas?

Leah~BringMeTheHorizon~ Um collage or high school romance?? this is funny bc i have a sister named Nicole>_<

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^.^ Another Nicole~ xD haha hmm no thanks >_< some how i lose interest in those how about

The school goody two shoes is the highest goody two shoes but with a secret her best friend is the schools bad boy he is the only one who knows her secret...she is sexually abused by her father...

so basically this goes on and she runs away to her best friends house and they fall in love

Leah~BringMeTheHorizon~ Ok can i be the girl??but does she have to be the goody two shoes??

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Well yea...umm how about doubles i be a girl in this one and we can think of a second idea for the next one where you are the girl


A new girl moves into the school who is just your typical new gal but then she sees him...the head of the football team...but mainly this man..was...her..ex! He followed her out and went into the same school as her to win her heart back but maybe get a bit more?

and we can add supernatural to that idea

Leah~BringMeTheHorizon~ kk but im horrible at being a guy just saying

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~Unless rper say otherwise! ;)

Just trying to keep things organized! :)

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