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hi! so characters?

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Name- Rue bends
Age- 15
Gender- girl

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Name: Dawson
Age: 18
Gender: guy

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Ok Ill start
Rue smiled as she looked out at the rolling ocean waves with the moonlight reflecting off of it

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Dawson was wearing a dark hoodie Fha covered his face. he leaned against a tree and looked at Rue

((so does he try to mused her?))

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(Yeah but he like kidnaps her first)
Rue smiled as she felt the warm water hit her toes

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((got it))

Dawson looked around. seeing no one else around he quietly made his way towards Rue

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Rue closed her eyes, happy to have the soft breeze on her face

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he stopped wen he was right behind her. he pulled out a cloth and whipped it around her mouth

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Rue screamed, kicking her legs wildly

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he dragged her behind some trees

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She screamed more, twisting and writhing

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he held the cloth tightly around her mouth so that she couldn't scream. he pulled out a knife and pressed it against he back so that she would stop moving

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Rue froze in fear as the cold metal touched her back

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he held the knife and cloth in place as he dragged her to his car that he had hidden in the woods

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She cried as he took her.

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he opened the back door to his car and tossed her into the backseat roughly. he climbed in after her and pressed the knife to her neck with one hand as the other tied the cloth around her mouth. then he tied her hands to her feet

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She cried heavily, watchting his every move

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"quiet." he said roughly as he blindfolded her

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"How can I be!" She cried

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he got out of the backseat and closed the door behind him. he got into the front seat and started the car

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She kept crying, wondering if she would ever see her family again

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he slowly drove out of the forest and onto the road

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"Where are you taking me?" She asked

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"to a place." he replied

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"What place? I want to go home!" She cried"

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he rolled his eyes and kept driving. soon he pulled up to a small house in the country, he got out of the car and went to the backseat, he cut the rope that held her feet and hands and pulled her into the house by her elbow

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She took her chance. She stoped dead in her tracks

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he grabbed onto her other arm and dragged her into the house

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As soon as he started movin her, she stomped on his foot and started running

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he cursed and ran after her. he caught up to her and grabbed her arm, he slammed her into the ground and put his knife against her neck

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She looked at him, fear was plain in hef misty grey eyes. Her long black hair laid on the ground in tats

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he grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her up, he flipped her around and pressed the knife against her back and started walking towards the house

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"Please don't hurt me..." ishe says softly

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he said nothing and opened the door to his house, he led her inside and walked into a dark basement, he pushed her against the wall and tied her hands and feet to the wall

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She stayed quietly, for fear of losing her life

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he backed up and looked at her, he gripped his knife ran it across her neck

((maybe he kills all these people because he has some brain problem so he's crazy?))

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(Sure....and like I'm just saying....don't make him kill them the same way every time. And did her jst slit her throat?)

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((dont worry i will be creative, and no but he's about to))

he looked in her eyes before cutting her throat open

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She gaged, feeling the blade slice into her skin. Tben she felt blood running down her throat and down her shirt, the life slipping out of her before she went limp,

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he watched her with a cold stare. he untied the ropes that held her in place

((sorry i was doing HW))

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Her head rolled forward lifelessly, her weight collapsing onto him

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he shoved her limp body off of him and dragged it outside, he had dug a big hole in the ground and tossed her body into it

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(Ok next victem a few days later)

7 year old Lily giggled as she chased a butterfly through the open field next to the horse pasture

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Dawson was sitting in his car watching Lily

((do you think every now and then we could switch from the murderer to the victim?))

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(Like what do you mean?)

"Wait! Come back!" She callec as the ug flew away

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((you be the murderer for a little bit and I be the victim))

he rolled down his window and watched her

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