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This is a variation of a game I've seen on many groups. Basically just post manga titles in order from A-Z and which manga they're from. If a title can't be found for Q, Q can be skipped. Same with C, L, V, X, Y, and Z. Just post that you skipped one of those letters, then do the next letter.

I'll start:

A-Ayashi no Ceres

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Kristen, we're on G.

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Kristen | 224 comments I know, sorry. I deleted it already.

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Okay. I hate when that happens or when I post at the same moment as another person.

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Nicole (radiantserenechaos) | 336 comments Skipping Q.
Romeo x Juliet

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Jessica G (naruto4hokage) | 25 comments Wait! Wolf

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Jessica G (naruto4hokage) | 25 comments Demon Diary

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Jessica G (naruto4hokage) | 25 comments Fairy Tail

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