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☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments Pearl walks around the park and gazes longingly at the people.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet walked into the park, happy as ever. She didnt remember her death and she doesn't even know she's dead.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments She sits down besides a small river and reaches out to touch the water, but watches sadly as it just runs through her hand.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) ((I thought the people were zombies... Not ghosts))

Violet happily walked over to a tree.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((i chose to be a ghost, unless thegirlonfire tells me otherwise....))

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie peeked out from behind the tree and spotted the two other ghosts. She tried to make eye contact with either of them, but failed. She turned around, and sat on a root of the tree. She soon spotted a man standing next to a grave. He smirked and spat on it. She became infuriated and ran towards him. She stopped the moment she saw him.
"F-father?" She whispered. Of course, he didn't hear or see her, but he kicked dirt on her grave and spat once more. He walked away, giving Kylie a chance to see the name on the grave.
'Kylie Robinson
A loving friend to all
Kylie wiped away the spit mark on the tombstone and sat in front of it. She looked at her father, following him with her eyes. He go into the passenger side of a car, and Kylie looked at the driver and almost screamed. It was him. The man that killed her. The man that still rapes her lifeless body every night. She felt shivers down her spine as he seemed to look directly at her.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) ((Okay. Just so you know guys, Violet isn't a ghost. She is a zombie))

Violet sensed something looking at her. Violet smelled weird because of her rotting flesh. She was a zombie but didnt know. Neither did anyone else.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments Pearl looks up and sees a man that looks a bit shady.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) "Hey, jerk!"Violet called out to the girl's father. He turned and looked at her. "What business so you have spitting on a thirteen year old girl's grave?"she yelled, angrily. She didnt know the dead girl, but rudeness was not in her dictionary.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments She smiles at the girl that stands up for the other girl. She's too shy to do anything like that.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet huffed and walked over to the small stream where Pearl was. Violet didnt know the ghost was there and put her rotten hand into the water.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments "That was nice of you to stand up to the man," she says.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet couldn't hear Pearl. Zombies and ghosts couldn't communicate.

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie looked up at the girl that yelled at her father, and smiled at her.
"T-thank you" She stuttered.

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie furrowed her eyebrows as the girl didn't notice her. She gave a questioning look to other girl that tried to talk to the unresponsive girl as well.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet stood and began to climb a tree nearby. It was dangerous for a zombie to not know they are dead.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments She looks over at Kylie. "We can't communicate with zombies."

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie looked up at the zombie that was now climbing up a tree.
"Oh." She said, playing with her hands. She looks back up at the other ghost.
"I'm Kylie" she says, quiet as a mouse.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet smiled and sat on the thick branch. She began to loose her balance and screamed. She fell onto the ground in a heap. Her leg became disconnected but her skin molded itself together before she could notice.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments "Pearl," she smiles.

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie didn't respond to Pearl, but was fascinated with the fact that the zombie girl hadn't noticed that her leg had detached, and then re-attached again.
((Can you have Pearl touch Kylie in some way? I have an idea for something))

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet got up shakily. "I hope that fall didnt break anything..."she muttered, climbing the tree again.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((okay))

"You alright?" she asked, slightly concerned, "That man looked a bit shady." She placed her hand on her arm.

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D. (dglvr8600) ((Dude, I wrote this whole long thing, and it wouldn't let me post it. I'm officially pissed.))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((that sucks))

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D. (dglvr8600) ((Well, I'm gonna try and re-write it by memory, but it might take me either a really short amount of time, or it'll take a really, REALLY long time))

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D. (dglvr8600) ((Well poo. I forgot it. Okay, so basically she lets out a scream that rips through all dimensions, wakes up in her human body, runs outside, into the park (in the human world) falls, a cute guy catches her, they figure out they like each other, but before they can say anything, she goes back to being a spirit again))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((well, write that then))

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D. (dglvr8600) ((I had a lot of detail when I wrote it, and I can't remember how it started out))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((just say what you just said without the detail))

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D. (dglvr8600) ((Kay, I'll try. But if its really bad, don't say I didn't warn you))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments ((it's fine))

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D. (dglvr8600) The moment Pearl touched Kylie, she collapsed to her knees and let out a scream that ripped through all dimensions. Ghost, Zombie, and even the human world. Her vision faded, and when she opened her eyes, she was in the basement of the man that murdered her. He wasn't home at the moment, but she knew he'd be home soon. She ran up the stairs and ran out the door. She bolted across the busy street and into the park, where the other ghosts were, but she was a human right now, so she couldn't see them. She was too busy looking for the other ghosts (which she would never find) that she tripped and fell...right into the arms of a blonde-haired, blue eyed boy.
"Whoa, are you alright?" He asked, pulling her to her feet. He was taller than her, maybe by four or five inches, and they both had the same color eyes, except hers were blue like the sky, while his were an intense royal blue. His dirty blonde hair had been slicked up in the front, but looked natural. Kylie nodded and smiled.
"I'm Aaron" He said, holding out his hand.
"Kylie" She replied, shaking it. Before they could exchange any more words, Kylie's human form collapsed and she woke up as a ghost, once again. Beads of sweat dripped down her face and she watched the look of fear on Aaron's face as he lifted Kylie's body up into his arms and walked away. Kylie pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her head in the crook in-between her knees.

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments Pearl kneels beside her. "Kylie?" she asks with concern, "Are you okay?"

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D. (dglvr8600) Kylie looks up at Pearl and smiles.
"Yes. I'm fine. It's just...whenever someone touches me, I go back to my body...I don't know why, and whenever it happens its usually only for a second...but it was different this time. I escaped...and I met...I met this boy..." Her grin widens and her eyes stare off into the distance as she thinks of Aaron. Soon, her hair begins to lighten, going from a dark brown to a light blonde, and grows longer and she begins to glow a little bit. She doesn't take any notice of it at all, since she is thinking of Aaron.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) Violet was at the top off the tree and hanging upside down. She saw the whole thing and her mouth was still gaping open. She shook it off and climbed down the tree. Since she was a zombie and could talk to humans, she ran up to Aaron and looked him over. "Who was that?"

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D. (dglvr8600) Aaron adjusted the Kylie, who was in hid arms and looked over at the girl that spoke.
"Um...her name's Kylie" he said, spitting the bits of rotting flesh on the girls skin.

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Gamzee Trash (tiny_bird) ((What?! That didnt make any sense!))

☮Artemis(I'm a Shawol)♬✨ (thalia98) | 20 comments She just shrugs her shoulders.

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