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what they look like: (a pic if you can)

Hair color:

Eye color:


history before death:

how they died: ((make it bad))

personality:((before and now))



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D. (dglvr8600) Name: Aaron Grayson

Age: 13


Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5' 3"

History Before Death: ((He's not dead yet, but I'll start from when he was young, to when he met Kylie)) Aaron has trained in soccer, football, basketball and baseball basically all of his life, so he is stronger than other kids his age. He has a very happy life, with two successful parents, an older sister in college majoring in photography, an older brother in high school with a scholarship for soccer, and new baby sister. He would probably be considered 'popular' by any on-looker that saw him, bu he tries to stay away from stereotypes and helps anyone and everyone. Anyone that's ever met him and known him would say that he is the sweetest, most caring and most helpful person they know, and many girls are crushing on him. He doesn't really know what he will do in life, but he knows he wants to help people in any way he can.

Personality: Aaron is sweet, caring, helpful, funny, not stereotypical, and can always put a smile on someone's face. He will never run away from a fight, if he has to fight to help someone he loves, but in any other case, he always tries to resolve things in a peaceful way.

Family: Mother, Linda; Father, Jack; Older sister, Anna; Older brother, Josh; Younger sister, Emily

Other: Aaron will develop a power for seeing and hearing ghosts after he spends enough time with Kylie

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