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Character Alphabet

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Cassidy The Alphabet Game, with Characters! Only those mentioned the Sorcerer's Stone.
Person One: Argus Filch
Person Two: Baghilda Bagshot
Person Three: Cuthbert Binns

Paige Draco Malfoy

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Emeric Switch

By the way, if it was characters from the whole series, we would have an X:

Xenophilius Lovegood.

X's are hard to come across!

Cassidy Fred Weasly

Cassidy Fred Weasley
Sorry spelled it wrong!

Kerahia Godric Gryffinfor

Taygus "H"agrid, you'll run out of characters though

Abby Pauig Hermione Granger

Dimitrios Chytiris Igor Karkarof

Bekah Angelina Johnson because there are no 'J' named characters?

Genevieve Fougerousse Karkaroff, Igor... I cant think of any from the first book

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Ruby Lavender Brown

Natasha Minerva McGonagall

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TripleR neville longbottom

Putri Ajeng Pratiwi Oliver wood

Jennifer Dupriest Percy Weasley

Abhinav katie bell

Chaya Lee jordan

Tracy Sheng Quirinus Quirrell

Charlotte ROnald Weasley!!! ♥♥♥

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Sirius Black

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Sorry gt confused!:(

Abhinav alicia spinnet

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