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Houston Hornback | 2 comments Houston Hornback, Play like Sergio Garcia is the book I chose for this months reading project. The author of this book is John Andrisani. He is a former senior instruction editor at golf magazine he has wrote tons of golf related books. Mostly what this book talks about is sergio garcia and how he is a up and coming superstar in the world of golf.

It talks about anything from his mental outlook towrds the game to his full swing breakdown and what you could learn from him to get better. I liked this book allot because i play golf and im a big fan of the game. I would recomend it to anybody that likes sports and especially golf. There are allot of intresting facts about sergio that you probably didnt know until you read the book. The only thing i dont like about this book is that it was made around ten years ago, and sergio has not lived to the expectations that the author was saying about him in the book. You should really try this book out if you like golf i enjoyed it personally

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Houston Hornback | 2 comments This is a very good book

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