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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

For the random stuff you want to say that doesn't fit anywhere else.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

:D True.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Am I a part of the Sherlock fandom?
Does the earth revolve around the sun?

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh! How? What does that matter? So we go 'round the sun. If we went 'round the moon or round and round the garden like a teddy bear it wouldn't make any difference. All that matters to me is the work.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anywho, yes, I am homeschooled. A flexible schedule doesn't mean an open one.

message 5: by megs ♡︎ (new)

megs ♡︎ (vacantstarlight) I've homeschooled since first grade. :) How long have you been homeschooling, Cat?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I went to kindergarten and then came home. How long for you, Meghan?

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorry... brain does not compute.
*stabs hormones repeatedly*

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilydodd221) Reply to Jess in the "Hello" topic:
*GASPS in a shocked way and keels over* You spelt Ben's name wrong!!!!! How DARE you? Personally, I am Sher-shocked. (Like shocked but with Sher on the front to make it even more shocking!)

message 9: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesskingxoxo) How di I spell Ben then?

message 10: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilydodd221) Benedct. That is not how you spell it. Also you just mispelt did. Somebody get me a shock blanket, preferably one that has been used by Sherlock.

message 11: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesskingxoxo) I'm shocked myself! And that blanket comment was slightly dodgy.....

message 12: by megs ♡︎ (new)

megs ♡︎ (vacantstarlight) LOL

message 13: by Emily (new)

Emily (emilydodd221) Jess, you find everything dodgy. I meant worn by Sherlock as in the picture below.


message 14: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesskingxoxo) "But I have a blanket! I'm in shock!"

message 15: by megs ♡︎ (new)

megs ♡︎ (vacantstarlight) description

message 16: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jesskingxoxo) OOER

message 17: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (HJayneS) | 4 comments Is it just me, or am I the only one who is on the 11th doctor and,
A: know who Riversong is
B: Know who Clara Oswald Is

message 18: by Sinda (new)

Sinda Quietus (superwholockedtrekacrossthestars) | 22 comments I'm completely caught up with the series, so yeah.

message 19: by megs ♡︎ (new)

megs ♡︎ (vacantstarlight) I know who River is Hannah, but not Clara. Haven't gotten that far yet.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Who else ( should be all you) is excited for Saturday and has seen the 8th doctor regeneration mini episode?

message 21: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 1 comments New this week:

Doctor Who: The What Where and How: A Fannish Guide to the TARDIS-Sized Pop Culture Jam

To celebrate the 50th anniversary release this week, the book will be FREE on Kindle Nov 21-25


There’s also a paperback giveaway at https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/sh...

Doctor Who is a show about science fiction and fandom itself for the fans within us all: The Tenth Doctor loves Harry Potter, the Eleventh Doctor wears costumes. As the franchise riffs off Star Trek, Star Wars, and Hitchhiker's Guide, while debating the nature of fiction itself, it both celebrates the world's most popular works and takes its place among them.

Per fans’ request, this book contains no images of weeping angels.

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