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The ending
Diana Conner Diana Mar 13, 2013 11:51AM
Why have so many hated the ending? Two rather dispictable characters are forever locked in a game of their own making.

Personally I loved the ending. Reserve the neat happy endings for those who deserve them. Thing with Nick was he always wanted to be with Amy. I think he always had suspicions of her sociopathic tendencies but he is in awe of her. If Amy does have the capacity to love, then it's Nick she loves. This is a bizarre and twisted love story, for that reason the ending fits.

Many years ago I saw a film called The Bad Seed.It was about an evil little girl who murders everyone around her and is never found out. At the end her mother finds out with horror what her angelic daughter has done and prepares some poison for the two of them to take since she cannot face life with such a monster for a daughter. The child finds out, let's her mother take the poison while pretending to take it as we'll. She survives and the film ends at this point. I have never forgotten the sense of horror that I was left with at that ending. This is exactly what I felt upon reading the ending of Gone Girl. I think there is a strong desire for just punishment in all of us and when this is foiled we feel cheated.

Nothing will ever end for these people except for life itself. It keeps winding down a severe path that we (as readers) may never see the point.

The ending left me with a sick feeling. The thought of this person continuing on...but to me it spoke more of reality than fiction.

I just finished Gone Girl last night and I just can't get over the ending. Although, I don't think Nick is as unlikable as Amy so I find it unfair that people keep saying they deserve each other. I think it was mentioned in another thread that the ending basically equates cheating with being a psychotic murderer and I couldn't agree more. As a reader, I do wish there had been vengeance and that Amy would finally get what she deserves but I understand why the author ended it how she did. I just wish they weren't bringing a child into the world.

I didn't hate the ending, but it has definitely been on my mind. I guess I am just a little frustrated with the words used to end it. Because Amy was like "I wanted the last word" Ive been trying to decide if that meant in their story of Gone Girl or if that meant she was about to do something crazy to him or to herself. I don't know. Maybe I am reading way too far into it... haha

I guess I'm the only one who thought the ending worked. It is fiction after all... the one place one can get away with murder.

I liked the ending. It was unique. I appreciated that there was no happily ever after for those two and I understood where the author was coming from.

I am getting used to enjoying endings that aren't necessarily wrapped up in a neat little package. But in this particular story, I think the theme of punishment was so strong that had Nick found a way to punish Amy it would have been very staisfying to the reader but maybe with a dark twist (he finds out she was pregnant after he kills her?). I'm sorry if that makes me seem a little un-sound but it is certainly fitting to the story. I didn't really find the sperm bank story believable either. Wouldn't you assume that Nick's permission would be required to keep the sperm? And even if he had already signed the papers when left on the table (or if they were forged), does the story really make it seem as though Amy would have chosen to store the sperm at the time seeing as how their inability to get pregnant was a colossal failure to her? Something just feels "off" about the ending.

While i enjoy as book that wraps up into a nice little package at the end, I sometime enjoy the drama of leaving things open ended

You know what that's actually the perfect way to some up the ending with that sentence you just used! I have been trying to sum it up but always end up ranting. I loved the ending by the way.

isn't this the third conversation string on this same topic?

The actual story was amazing- I kept wanting to read more and more. The ending was not what I had expected. It was disappointing but then again there was no 'happy ending.' They fell into a hole and were stuck there forever.

I just didn't embrace the ending.

Put yourself in Nick's situation by the end. Would Amy's pregnancy change everything? Would you believe even for a single second that you were going to have any kind of genuine influence over that kid while the kid is in Amy's clutches? The answer is no.

You still won't be able to sleep at night. You still will live your life like a live wire, thinking that every next breath could be your last. There's just no way to live that life; it's not possible.

The ending just did not work for me. Other than I mostly enjoyed it, although you have to admit that multiple readings would most likely have very little value, the structure is the thing, the meta is what makes this. The device is the book. I think one of my favorite parts of the book was the "real" Amy describing how tough it was to create the diary; it's actually the author admitting how tough it was to create the fake Amy, having to wait for half the story to reveal who the real Amy was. That was a nice touch.

A solid, twisty thriller, it left me slightly unfulfilled at the end.

In my opinion, the ending did seem anticlimactic; however, it was very fitting given the relationship of the characters.

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I just finished the book this afternoon and I agree with everyone on the ending.

I guess people didn't like the ending because it keeps you guessing. It makes you uneasy and people don't like uneasy - what will happen to the baby, will Amy eventually kill him, will Nick kill Amy.
I liked the ending, I wouldn't change a thing about the book!

Matthew Turner Yes, totally agree. And anyway, I have a feeling there could be a sequel? The guy who saw Amy & Desi at the casino?
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this ending... not what i had hoped for. it's almost like the author got bored with both of them. disappointed.

The ending was not what I had hoped...BUT, was original...and ran deeper than the comeuppance ending I would have preferred.

I hated the ending (I was very disappointed, is more polite, I suppose) because I begin a mystery/thriller with certain expectations, and one of those is that the author will address the issue of justice. The frame for this novel included the implicit promise that the guilty party would face justice, and the woman didn't. She murdered a man. Regardless of anything else that happened, she plotted and carried out a murder. And she walked away from it. The ending felt wimpy.

Rebecca It did feel wimpy and down right creepy! Then again perhaps it is more realistic than I would like to hope. :(
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