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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (gecka8282) | 24 comments Week 5 question:
Predictions: What do you think will happen at the end of story? What leads you to think this?

message 2: by Jordan Stewart (new)

Jordan Stewart | 16 comments The Time Machine/ H.G. Wells
I think that the main character will get trapped in the past or the future. He keeps time traveling to different years.

message 3: by aaron morales (new)

aaron morales (what-it-dew) | 25 comments I think his parents will find out that he was kicked out of private school because he will get caught by a cop, or they'll run into him in New York. I think this because i don't think he's being care full enough to keep from getting caught.

message 4: by Scout Mason (new)

Scout Mason | 25 comments Hatchet/Gary Paulsen
I think that Brian is going to be saved. He survived a long time in the harsh conditions and will eventually get discovered. However, I have read the book once before, so i know the ending ;D.

message 5: by Shelby Carroll (new)

Shelby Carroll | 29 comments Watchmen/Alan Moore
Currently in Watchmen Rorschach and Nite Owl and found that Adrian Veidt is actually causing these masked heroes to be killed. I believe that at the end of the graphic novel Adrian's plans will be foiled and the masked heroes will prevail.

Armando Navarro | 21 comments silverwing- Kenneth Opel

I'm about to finish my book and its pretty predictable that I'm my book shade the main character is going to reunited with his colony and live a more experience and mature life.

Abraham Carrillo | 14 comments I think that at the end of my story Maximum and his family will be safe from the erasers and scientists. Also that they will learn to trust humans again and live among them. I think this because they already rescued Ariel from the Erasers and kept hidden so far. Also because Maximum was helped by a little girl and her mom when she got hurt. They saw her wings and didn't freak out, but accepted her and took care of her. She also kinda felt like home and was happy while with them.

message 8: by James Baker (new)

James Baker | 17 comments The Color of Water/ James McBride

Well the book is a biography so i think that she is going to die for the book is foreshadowing about it.

Jonathan Schneider | 13 comments Brent Weeks - The Way of Shadows

I think that at the end, Durzo Blint will die. I believe this because in the book he makes the decision that to let his apprentice live would mean that he would die sooner or later. He ended up letting his apprentice live.

message 10: by Katy Pennington (new)

Katy Pennington | 26 comments Someone is going to get hurt real bad.
the book is called envy.
It makes me think that something very dramatic is going to happen and make people jealous, and hurt someone.

message 11: by Celvin (new)

Celvin | 6 comments book name:holes
I think at the end of my book my character will someone how find away to get good luck and get out of the deep mess that his bad luck has goten himself into

message 12: by Joel Johnson (new)

Joel Johnson | 14 comments my story is gonna end with wilt chamberlain retiring, I say this because my book is a biography about his life

message 13: by Sam Kowalski (new)

Sam Kowalski | 16 comments I started reading a new book called Meridian. It is a comic book. And i believe that the main charter Sophie will end up saving her new country.

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