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nicole (bloodlinesfan) Hey

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Yes, and yes.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Who makes what first?

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nicole (bloodlinesfan) Name: Kathleen McCallister
Age: 13
bla bla bla same as the normal character besides her age.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Can I be girl too?

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Sure

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Doesn't matter.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Name: John Martin
Age: 19
Gender: Duh! Male!
History: John has no life and sits at home all day playing video games because his family abandoned him.
Personality: Likes to play violent games and often likes to play games where you are the theft.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Sure.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) ME!!

John was having his normal day at home playing video games all day until at 4 PM the doorbell rang.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen walked over to the washrooms to eat lunch, having nowhere else to sit.

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nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen got sick and had to go home early. On the way home she found an airplane ticket for Cincinnati.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) When Kathleen was home, she went straight upstairs knowing that her mom would not allow her to go anywhere after their big fight. So, she just went over, packed up, took 300 dollars from her mom's wallet and left.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen flew to Cincinnati.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen got up to walk to the washroom and in the row behind her was a very mysterious looking guy. But Kathleen just kept walking.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) John got the door and nothing was there so he decided to take a walk instead of going back in to play video games. Then he spotted a little girl walking in her house. He thought that if he spied on her and kidnapped her then it would be like playing a video game. So he sat down in a bush and spied.

Kathleen returned from the washroom and found the mysterious guy following her. So she knew that she would have to run off the plane later.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen tried to scream but failed she was only able to get Scott's hand wet.

John grabbed the girl and pushed her into a bush. One hand on her mouth the other holding her down. He then tied her up in rope.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen tried to break loose.

John put an apple in her mouth.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) John picked up Karana and put his hand back on her mouth again, this time making it impossible for her to bite him. He ran to his van and tied a scarf around her mouth to the back of her head. Then he threw her on the floor of the back seat, locked the doors and drove off to his secret hiding place.
((You didn't even tie up Kathleen, or put something in her mouth!))

Kathleen stood up and tried to pick the lock. The doors opened and she jumped out at the next traffic light.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) ((Byee))

nicole (bloodlinesfan) ((Wait, aren't we still on the plane?))
She started to scream and scream for help. The nearby tourists all stared at her, not knowing what to do.

John noticed the girl trying to get untied so he stopped the van and tied her up in more and more rope. Making it almost impossible for the girl to untie herself.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen lied there unconscious.

John finally arrived to his secret hideout. That his friend, Scott made.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen gained conciousness and got back up, still tied up.

John ran to the back of the van and pulled out the girl bringing her into the hideout.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) John undid the rope and tied it around the chair he seated her on.

Kathleen calmed down, knowing there would be no use in fighting, she wouldn't win.

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nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen got pulled in to the room and saw that she wasn't alone.

John watched as Scott pulled in another girl.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen sat right next to the other girl. "What's your name?" she whispered to the girl when the two kidnappers were talking.

"I did not expect you here today." John says to Scott.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) "I'm Kathleen." she whispers.

"I see we both had the same idea in mind though.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) "This is my first time kidnapping and I know it's not your first time, what do we do now?

nicole (bloodlinesfan) "You rape? You're only 15!"

nicole (bloodlinesfan) John ignores him and then walks up to the girls. "Can't we just let them go as long as they promise not to tell anyone about us? And if they do, then we kidnap them again."

nicole (bloodlinesfan) John sighs,"What do you want to do with them then."

nicole (bloodlinesfan) "I don't care."

nicole (bloodlinesfan) ((Bye.))

John sighs, "Ok, then."

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen looks at them and whispers to Karana, "Did you hear what they said?"

John sits next to him.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen sighs, she couldn't even fight back if she wanted to.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen thought of ways to escape... The door was unlocked, but they had no way of getting out of the rope.

"Why are we just sitting here?" John asks Scott.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen starts to worry.

John goes up to Karana. "Don't worry." John unties the rope then tells her to stay quiet about them then let's her go.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen cries.

"I'm letting you go. As long as you don't tell anyone about this. Ok? You could be stuck here like the other girl. Don't come back once you have left." He brings her to the back door, let's her out, and locks the door.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) "No." he says, taking her phone. He blindfolds her and walks her to where he found her.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) Kathleen stops crying.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) He lets her go and gives her back her phone, then runs away.

Kathleen shrieks in fear.

nicole (bloodlinesfan) ((No.))

She stopped and sat still.

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