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Re-reading books to feel better
Warpedmind Warpedmind Mar 13, 2013 07:32AM
Sometimes after reading a disappointing book, how many of you go back and re-read an old book on your devices so it can put you back in a better place to start a new book later?(Give examples of books to help us try something new.)Like Blackstone affair series by Raine Miller, or Fight with me series by Kristen Proby and so on...

YES! I do it all the time . . . not just b/c I read a "bad" book more like I miss those great characters so I go back. I often go back when I know the next installment is coming out so I can be fresh since I seem to be reading like 3 books a week! lol

Just re-read Backstage Pass for the heck of it & a few of the Rock Chicks series (not all) just because . . .

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What was the disappointing one you read?

i do tend to do that... if I am in a slump, I'll reread something I knew I loved. I am surprised sometimes that I actually feel differently about it when rereading. I guess it depends on my mood at the time.

Have you read any books by Lynda Chance? She is very good. Tessa Bailey first book out is really good.

Sylvia Day (Crossfire series)
Gail McHugh
Beth Kery (Because series)
Teresa Mummert (Honor series)
Samantha Young On Dublin Street
Elizabeth Finn
Geogia Fates (Beauty series)
Kendall Ryan

Warpedmind I read all the Crossfire series, and Honor series. I also read On Dublin Street. But I haven't read the rest and I will give them a try. Thanks ...more
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