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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) "This time we're not giving up
Let's make it last forever
Screaming "Hallelujah!"
We'll make it last forever"


"The same tricks that once fooled me, they won't get you anywhere"


"It's not faith if you use your eyes"

I think my favorite's the last one :)

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) That's nice! I'm not really into tattoos, I can't picture myself at 80 years of age with a tattoo that meant something to me at 17 years old, really. ヽ(;▽;)ノ
But good luck finding yourself a good one, I hope you're not afraid of needles? :)

message 3: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) Lol! yeah ^ - ^ I'm terrified of needles, so that's a done deal for meee

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) Oh, wow, hey, you're a christian too?? How awesome is that!

message 5: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) I wouldn't say I'm anything, I just follow the Bible and Jesus :) Yay Christians! (^^)/~~~

message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara (abookbuff) That's true, why would people respect you if you don't respect them, right?

message 7: by ϟEvelynϟ (new)

ϟEvelynϟ (paralynperea) | 78 comments I think mine would be one of these:

"Keep your feet on the ground, when your head's in the clouds." -Brick By Boring Brick

"Somewhere weakness is our strength, and I'll die searching for it." - Let The Flames Begin

Idk about others, but most likely the last one.

I also really want the Paramore symbol tattooed on me, and maybe the RIOT! thing also tatted on me.

message 8: by ϟEvelynϟ (new)

ϟEvelynϟ (paralynperea) | 78 comments lol ikr!

message 9: by ϟEvelynϟ (new)

ϟEvelynϟ (paralynperea) | 78 comments That's awesome! it would be cool. I am just almost definite that I will get the 3 bars symbol with 'paramore' under it. my mom says that I will grow out of this phase when I'm 18 and I won't wanna get it anymore. Hahaha yeah right mom. This band literally gets me through anything. They changed my life so much...they'll never understand.

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