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It was okay

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Arlene Mcintosh It was a quick lighhearted read and I needed the lightness of a book so it was a cute story about a couple. Couldn't really say I loved the girl though but it was pretty good.

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Yes, i thought so too. It wasn't a huge literary feat, but a fun, quick romp and I didn't pay much for the series. I was a little disappointed it was done as three books, it would have made more sense as one.

Can't complain, it entertained me with a hot read for a while, but can't brag on it either.

Sophia Moore I hadn't read it but people told me that it was like my book Public Attraction: The Complete Trilogy, so I checked it out.

It was good—it was interesting to see a producer instead of an actor (like I have in my book). And honestly, not every book should be a heavy ordeal. Kate Dawes can entertain me any night.

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