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I have too much to put on here. But, here's my kitty: there's two pictures. the next one over's him too. His name is Bob. ^_^

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Sierra (skippingstones4) Wow Jessy. You are a genuinely nice person and I'm glad I joined this group and got to meet you. This is definately the group I'll come to when I need to be cheered up. You're awesome and don't ever forget it! :)

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Hurray for jessy

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5:34 here . I will be going out for a party at a park soon

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Ok is this thread about you or can we write about ourselves

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Sara Shaw | 23 comments ♥✞♬ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓑⓔⓛ♬✞♥ ∀¢¢£₱₮ Με ヅ {Brenda} wrote: "I'd rather not say too much about myself. I'm pretty paranoid. I guess I have a little bit of trust issues because, even if I don't show it, I don't necessarily believe that anybody is saying the t..."

Somehow, I'm like you:(

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "Hey everyone.
I'm Kayla.
Some things you need that you need to know about me is:
-I'm Broken
-I don't think highly of myself and I put myself down a lot
-I'm a recovering cutter
-I have major depr..."

I've thought about doing that sometimes. Still do sometimes.

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "Don't do it. Believe me it's not worth it."

So you're telling me life gets better?

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments I've never cut myself,(that's how much of a scaredy cat I am.)
Ever heard of the Choking Game?

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Well, just think of it as somebody that chokes themselves for fun. You can do it by yourself or with a friend.
Anyway, your goal is to get to the point of where you blackout.
let's just say it can get addicting, and somebody caught me and now everyone thinks I'm some messed up kid kind of.

message 11: by ❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (last edited Nov 22, 2013 01:35PM) (new)

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments It is, especially when your stupid parents want you to choose sides and they go to the point of lying and stuff.
There are some points when you're really on your own, you think nobody cares, and then at the weirdest moment, you find something good about your day. Or you find someone to listen.
My old 7th grade teacher was the first to tell me, "Go ahead, talk. I'm listening."
When someone says that and you're sure they're listening, that means they care.

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "I care."

No! I meant before I started Goodreads, it was hard to find someone to listen.

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "I know. I just want you to know that I care."

You're the first person to outright say that to me in a while.

message 14: by ❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (last edited Nov 22, 2013 01:56PM) (new)

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "I'm glad I did."


❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: ":D Yay I made a person happy! *hugs you*"

you're making me smile, too.

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "Good!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I like you.(hope I'm not creeping you out and I'm not really that kind of... ya know.)

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments ♥✞♬ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓑⓔⓛ♬✞♥ ∀¢¢£₱₮ Με ヅ {Brenda} wrote: "Awww, you guys are so sweet! :D"


❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Zane Loves Yaoi wrote: "You awesome. I like you too. your my friend."


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Hello K and Brendabel...Fantastic to see you being so welcoming and positive to a new Proudster....It makes me smile (then feel a bit guilty for ghosting...)

Hi and Welcome Nia, you are in good company with these two !
Now I am off to bug somebody else.......s'laters <3

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Goodreads is the closest thing I have to social media and when you hear all the things people say or do to each other on the Internet, it's comforting to know they're actual humans out there, even if you don't know them that well.

message 21: by Erin (new)

Erin (emm3281) Welcome Nia:)

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Erin wrote: "Welcome Nia:)"


message 23: by Erin (new)

Erin (emm3281) You're welcome:)

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments Thanks!
I do like this group, a lot actually. It's more open and accepting and I don't feel obliged to say something or feel a hidden rule that you can't say "I'm bi" because it'll make other people uncomfortable.

❤♥♔Nia♔♥❤ (nothingatthemoment) | 1000 comments ♥✞♬ⓜⓐⓡⓘⓑⓔⓛ♬✞♥ ∀¢¢£₱₮ Με ヅ {Brenda} wrote: "Yah! This group is awesome!! :D Sometimes the internet can be a refuge for us all.

Well, not really for me!! But I'm like the only exception to that rule!! I hang around just to be able to know wh..."

I'm a social kind of person. It's better that way because at school, the teachers think you're a freak if you don't have at least ten friends or talk. Although my computer teacher is suspecting there is something wrong with me, personally.

message 26: by Ken (new)

Ken (kensamcampo) There is a lot about me that I could tell you, but the basics should be fine. I am autistic. I am 14 years old and a Freshman in High School. I am social, even though many people think I'm a loner. I love the Vampire Diaries. I love watching TV. I love drama. I love the internet!

message 27: by Roxanne (new)

Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) I am 17 years old, female, and I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am a twin, and the middle child of a family of five. (My twin is one minute older than me, and my little sister is eight years younger. I live with both of my parents.) I am 5'1" and I am the same height as my twin but just a little taller than my mom. I have a pet dog named Max. (Well, he's not really my dog. He's more like the family's dog.) I am straight, but I am very supportive of LBGT.

I love all sorts of pasta (so long as it doesn't have meat on it). I love potatoes, mostly baked, but also mashed. Of all my favorite meals, my favorite food itself would have to be onions. I will eat onions raw when given the chance. My family thinks I'm so weird for that. (Lol!)

My favorite color is turquoise, but I also love all shades of blue. My favorite genre to read is either BL or Horror. My favorite voice actor is Quinton Flynn. My favorite actor is Tom Hiddleston (although Chris Hemsworth is a close second!). My favorite word is "population". My favorite animal is the miniature potbellied pig. My favorite anime coupling is Deathshipping (yaoi Yugioh coupling of Yami Marik and Ryou Bakura). My favorite anime depends on my mood. My favorite movie is "The Avengers".

I am extremely bitchy when I am pissed off or not feeling well. I purposely start fights with my family members (mostly my mom) when I'm in a bad mood. I have caused a scene at my school because of my anger; I slammed shut a classroom door during a club meeting and stormed out.

I write fanfictions and post them on my Deviantart account. Most of these are Yaoi fanfictions. I write these fanfictions during my classes at school, which often distracts me from the lesson at hand. I have completed several Art Trades for drawings of my OCs.

I have always been the shy bookworm. I sit by myself, unless my sister is in my class, and then I sit by her. I rarely talk during class; most of the time I don't have anyone to talk to. I have a hard time making friends, because I usually let others do the talking, which makes people think that I'm not interested.

In the future, I plan to graduate from an art school, receiving a degree in Creative Writing. I will publish my first novel and begin writing the sequel.

Well, I guess that's the basics of who I am! ^w^

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Ken (kensamcampo) gtg

message 29: by Christine (new)

Christine Hatfield  (christinesbookshelves) | 25 comments I'm 27 years old and I play the piano and I'm making bracelets for the make a wish foundation of New Jersey and I work at the riverside elementary school where I help little kids that are handicapped and I have a medical problem

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My siblings are all 10 years + older than me, so im pretty much the left out little soul. I have serious health issues, my major one being a mental disorder my family never realized i had, because they don't really talk to me.
It was just last night that I had the first conversation with my brother in awhile that he realized I need to see a psychiatrist. :/
My mother tried to get me to open up about it, But i only succeeded in scaring her half to death

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Lizzy wrote: "Ayah wrote: "My siblings are all 10 years + older than me, so im pretty much the left out little soul. I have serious health issues, my major one being a mental disorder my family never realized i ..."

Ouch :(

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