The Industrial Revolution 1760-1830 The Industrial Revolution 1760-1830 discussion


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Sunil Why this menace prevailing fast over the entire world?

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Greg History is neither black or white, and a great deal of the time it is just a one sided interpretation. The First Industrial Revolution was a consequence of the fall of serfdom and the emergence of the individual. Change is rarely a comfortable result, but it does represent the vast wealth the world is currently experiencing from the spending power of an enlarged Middle Class.
The question that the First Industrial Revolution presents humanity is what will the next machine revolution entail. With the decentralising of organisations (On demand manufacturing), the decline of the middle class (Piketty's "Capital in the Twenty-First Century"), and automation of rules based occupations (Brynjolfsson & Afee "The Second Machine Age"). How will human nature adjust as it has been sold the value of hard work as a desirable quality. Will the unemployed be branded the same as criminals as politicians seek the usual easy, populist solutions? How do we avoid a dionysian future, and gravitate to a new freedom of humanity. One without the drudgery of work.

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