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Moon Man (Train Flight, #1)
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Elizabeth Newton (elizabethnewton) | 5 comments All aboard the Train for some unique and exciting adventures!!

Hi Folks, please check out my new series "Train Flight" available on most online bookstore websites in paperback and ebook form!

There is a man, who owns a train. No one knows how he acquired this train, and there are few on this precious sphere called Earth who know what this train really is. You are about to become one of those few, for I am going to let you in on a secret... It travels in time and space. But this is far from the most exciting part. There is another man. A man not of this world. The Son of the Beginning and the End, the Ancient of Days, the Comforter and Commander, Creator of all things. The One who imagined the suns and planets of the universe and breathed them into being. The One who sends mighty waves crashing and fearsome thunder roaring. The One who comforts the broken-hearted. In all the Train's adventures in outer space to far away worlds and through the vortex to distant times across the ages, it and its Captain have just one purpose... To seek this Wonder of wonders. To SEEK HIM!

Four published in the series so far:
Train Flight Moon Man (Book 1) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight The Birth of Salvation (Book 2) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight The Sanctuary (Book 3) by Elizabeth Newton Train Flight Furry Friends (Book 4) by Elizabeth Newton

Click on the book covers for more information on each.
I'm always eager to chat with readers on this trhead or in private messages.
Enjoy the Train ride!

Publisher's Website:

Facebook fanpages:!/pages/Trai...!/pages/Eliz...

Elizabeth Newton (elizabethnewton) | 5 comments Train Flight Moon Man (Book 1) by Elizabeth Newton

WIN a free *signed* copy of the first book of the Train Flight series. I am offering a Giveaway from the 10th March until the 10th April.

Please check it out!

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