A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1) A Game of Thrones question

Will someone just tell me what happens?
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I cannot read the read the rest of this series. Will someone please just tell me happens in the end? I really only care about Arya, Jon and the wolves.

Thanks Veliander, that helped.

The last book will be an 800 page description of snow blowing over everyone's graves.

Mitali You mean you think all the characters will be lucky enough to get buried in decent graves? Optimistic!
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Deliriate I would laugh so hard if it actually ended like that.
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If you're not interested in reading, you could watch the show- plot lines are mostly the same. Or, you could just borrow the rest of the series from a library and read the Jon and Arya parts. I think you'll find that characters you like and don't like switch places, so it really is better to continue with the series through show or books than to ask others what happened!

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Hi Julie,

Sorry for the dearth of helpful answers. You can get a summary of what has happened so far to the House Stark characters here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charact... I don't think the wolves are covered explicitly.

everyone goes out for ice cream and laughs about all the misunderstandings and misfortunes that happened along the way.

Umm.. not to be rude or anything, but you did rate it as 1 star for this book. So why should you even bother asking what happens later on in the series?

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I can understand not wanting to finish, because it is a very daunting series and there's a lot going on. My sister has been trying to read it for months and it is taking for ever. Trouble is the question can be answered because it hasn't ended yet, there are two books left. There isn't much said about the wolves; John ends up becoming lord commander and in the very last scene of the last published book he is being attacked by his fellow Nights watchmen. Arya ends up in the city of Braavos, studying to be an assassin.

I'm sorry to hear that you don't want to finish it. It is my absolute favorite book
of all time and I would love to read it every single day. Cheers!

Not to be rude, but still... read the books, and you'll know.
If you only gave this 1 star, why would you care?
And ask this question in about a year or 2-3 and you'll maybe get your answer, depending on how fast George writes them.

Read the book. Its not that hard.

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