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Carrie's Evolution
Spw Spw Mar 12, 2013 09:15PM
What did you think of Carrie's evolution as a person over the course of the novel? I found that she became so self-absorbed and concerned with being just like all the high-class women in society because she viewed all of the supposed glamour surrounding them as the American Dream.

I thought Carrie ended the novel as she began it in terms of her personality: acting mechanically, on instinct, living in her own world of wanting wealth. All the changes were exterior: wealth and fame came because she fell into them ass backwards while mechanically following the rules for getting rich.

I'm not convinced that she evolves as a person at all. She wanders about the city looking for work by stumbling into businesses and dully saying, "I'm looking for something to do." If you listen to the audio book, she sounds like an aimless idiot when she does that. Who says, "I'm looking for something to do" instead of "I'm looking for a job"? But maybe that was a product of her time. But in any event, it's just dumb luck that she finds her way into show business and gets a starring role by accidentally being funny when she's really just annoyed at not being the star. And she never develops empathy.

I read this book long time ago; fresh from college that time. I read Sister Carrie along with the other books of the author(American Tragedy,et al.
I would like to refresh my mind and comment soon.

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