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Morgan walked all the way to the lake, finally getting over all the claustrophobia of being around a million and one people, all looking for schedules. God can no one wing it nowadays? She sighed and sat Indian style by the water, snapping pictures with her camera

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Morgan looked over and saw some guy taking pictures just like she was. She chuckled and called "hey yo haven't you heard? The lake is my turf, buddy!" She was just joking, but it was fun to mess with people

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Morgan stood up in her destroyed denim shorts and Aztec printed tank top. She placed her camera on the ground, replacing it with a stick in her hand. She dragged it along the dirt, writing out 'MORGAN' "how's that for ya?" She asked with a raised brow. Then she saw anther person, and decided to tease her too "honey this is my turf, see?" She pointed to her name scrawled in the dirt "private property" she said, her eyes showing that she was joking

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((Aack! I totally just responded to Nicki, just ah...four min late.))

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((Nah, np. I can make him wander out of frustration over here.))

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) ((Whoa my comments just all deleted... I only meant to delete one lol. :) So what do you want me to do?))

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Morgan sighed and watched him walk away. Well now she felt bad, so she went after him "oh c'mon now, I was just teasing you. Get your bum back here and introduce yourself to me" she said, smiling a dimpled smile at him

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((Err...just go back to the office. :D))

✿.Ⓐⓟⓞⓞⓡⓥⓐ.✿ (apoorvak) ((Okay lol XD))

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"I'm Melissa" Morgan lied with a chuckle, sitting down right next to her name in the dirt

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(xD Ella. Nice.)

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She shook her head "not exactly. The hangover is still getting to me....... Just kidding! I'm teasing you. I'm Morgan. So Trevor, what brings you to my turf?"

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Morgan sighed "okay, fine. Go ahead" she said, striking a stupid pose on her spot on the ground

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(XD Gotta love it when I lurk.))

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(We love your lurking, cam cx)

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Morgan smiled bug, making sure her dimples show "now you" she said, pointing her old fashioned camera at him

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Morgan stood up and pouted at him, holding her camera a bit to the side of her face "but why notttttttt?" She whined

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"For me?" Morgan asked. She tried to pull the cute eyes, but wasn't sure how much it would work with the dark eye makeup rimming her eyes

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Morgan grinned "you're so sweet! Okay so first, lets see a smile" she held the camera up

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Morgan snapped the picture and kissed his cheek "perfect! Now give me some, reflective, staring off into the distance" she giggled just a bit, waiting to see if he'd do it

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"For today" Morgan said with a nod

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Morgan kept snapping pictures of him when he wasn't looking "so I'm guessing you're in the photography department?"

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"I'm a halfling, photography and design." she said, looking over at him. She wandered over to a rock and sat down

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Morgan smiled "I'm wearing them right now trev" she said, then went back to taking pictures of the trees nearby

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Allison had her bag full of her art supplies and she sat on the deck and began to paint

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Allison finished her work and went back to the dorm

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Lily shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her over-sized sweater and trudged down to the lake, it was a nice afternoon and the sun was out but as usual Lily felt the chill in the air and had to wrap her arms tightly around herself as she headed down to the water. Her headphones were still in, playing through her vast musical selection as the shuffle system when from mumford and sons to linkin park to kelly clarkson. Whenever people asked what music she liked Lily never knew how to answer, there were too many types that she liked and so many she didn't. Her normal answer would be a shrug and a purse of her lips. She sighed as she reached a deserted spot beneath the willow tree, it was empty and there were no people around. Lily pulled her hair more tightly in a bun and took another look around the space, still empty. Raising her arms above her head as the music changed to one of her classical melodies she began to dance, slowly and elegantly beside the waters edge but far enough from the school that not a person would notice the girl in the white jumper and black leggings unless they were sat beside the willow tree themselves.

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Thomas walks along his hands in his pockets. He whistles with his eyes closed letting the sun it is face and he smiled. He just wanted to enjoy his time here.

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Lily continued to dance, feeling her breathing pick up as she twirled against the backdrop of trees and the water that was beginning to reflect silver as the sky began to darken. She moved with such fluidity and grace it was as if she was part of the water, moving in an endless current as she danced and twirled about the space, trapped in her own world of dance and the beat of the music in her ears.

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As the sun sets he opens his eyes to find a girl dancing. He watches her dance beautifully. "Woe"he says quietly.She was just as beautiful as her dancing and it kind of took his breath away.

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Lily was unsure of how long she had been dancing out beside the lake but as she looked towards the horizon the sun was no longer visible and the moon was rising up over the lake. Now that she was out here alone in the dark she felt rather vulnerable and incredibly alone, she yanked out her headphones and grabbed her bag from beneath the tree. Lily froze as she heard a sound in the darkness and she looked up, eyes wide like a frightened deer as she looked about the space. She couldn't see a thing and after a moment she slung her bag over her shoulder and raced up to the school as fast as her legs could take her.

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Thomas runs after her "hey...wait that was great"

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(GOF I've sent her back to her dorm, but they should have a whole cinderella style thing going on...maybe he can catch up to her at breakfast.)

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((okay sounds good when?))

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((when they wake up for the next day? It's like midnight now I think, he could see her at breakfast or something? Wait my person doesn't eat breakfast...he could see her after breakfast and ask why he didn't see her at breakfast? I dunno))

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((okay how bout he sees her at breakfast but she's not eating and goes over to her))

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((Can do, I'll see what her dorm mates are doing in the morning))

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((okay sounds great))

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Lily stood on the front steps of the school and took a deep breath, after a moment she wandered down them and walked out to the edge of the lake. Her pale hair flowing around her face, Lily pulled her hair down over her ears and walked to the waters edge, picking up a handful of stones and throwing them out on the water. She sighed heavily, being outdoors made her feel calm and much safer than being around others. She'd head up there for the meeting later.

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((can I send him now))

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((she's gone to the meeting, he should be at the boys one ))

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Casper walks by the lake his head down and the moon light hits his skin making him glow

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Ally was sitting on the deck painting away when she saw the boy from the grounds, "Oh, hey," she said,

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He looks up with a grin "oh hey"

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Ally smiled, "Are you just going to copy what I say?" she asked, "That's not very creative, you should be more original," she said

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"okay how's this"he sits next to her "it's so wonderful to see you my darling"he jokes

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"See? now that's originality and it didn't take mch thought did it?" she said, still smiling

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He chuckles "I guess it didn't "he smiled at her "so what are you doing at here"

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