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Outcast (Chronicles of Ancient Darkness, #4)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA book about a kid whos a pack brother to a wolf and its in a different universe [s]

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Meagan | 52 comments ok so I read a book a few months ago when I was in England and it was like the 4th one in a series that I had not read but it was very easy to just pick up right where it started and it was in a world and its like hes in the raven tribe (theres a lot of tribes)but hes actually part of the wolf tribe hes just been adopted into the ravin tribe and he gets kicked out because hes been marked by the cobra mage and that's really bad and he gets sick from the marking that the mage gave him and its supposed to draw him to her and he goes off and ends up forgetting everything including how to track and what things are called but then his best friend who is a girl from the raven tribe sends a spell out to help him and two ravens fall down out of a tree and when hes helping them to survive he starts remembering everything

Meagan | 52 comments I remember a lot more details than that since I just read the book but I have absolutely no clue what its called im just trying to get my books list up to date and that one I really need because I read it not to long ago

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Wolf Brother? Or another of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series by Michelle Paver

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Actually, #4 in that series is Outcast

Meagan | 52 comments that is the one! thank you yet again :D

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You're welcome! :) Was Outcast the one?

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