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The Drowned Cities
Sgs Sgs Mar 12, 2013 07:06PM
If Paulo Bacigalupi writes a third book in this series, will it be another companion or a sequel?

I like this question! Well it really depends on how you define a sequel or a companion. I personally am not clear on the relationship between the first two. I have heard some call it a loose sequel, because it is a continuation for the story of Tool in a similar world, but then also people who have viewed them as companions because different characters are featured. But anyway, a third book would probably be the same exact relationship, different characters, same setting, along with the same Tool. This is mostly because Mahlia, Mouse, and the Doctor, aren't exactly in ideal conditions to be in a sequel. So a good follow up question to this could be what would be some ideas for a third book? For Tool's next step? Personally, I think it would be pretty cool if he took over all the drowned cities, then went corrupt with power, almost reverting to human characteristics, making Tool understand why humans in power act the way they do, ultimately leading to a decay and fall of Tool's empire/control.

This book only brought Tool back, but it still was an interesting story to read.

I think it will be a sequel because I feel that if written well, Bacigalupi could write a really great sequel to this book.

I never read Ship Breaker so I am confused if Drowned Cities is the first or second book. If it is second, then I would love to have Bacigalupi write another one because I really want to know what happens to Mahlia, Tool, and Ocho.

I asked the author if the next book could be called Tool(because I want it to be). he told me it is SeaScape- and Tool might be in it

R May 15, 2013 05:38PM   0 votes
JDS. IT is the second, but Tool is the only returning character from Ship Breaker.

I think it should be a sequel to ship breaker. The book drowned city just was nowhere near as good as the Ship Breaker. However, the author gives you the oppurtunity to add a sequel but at the same time, It could easily end without a sequel. The author could also have Mahlia meet Nailer sort of like the "Life as we know it series.

Nason (last edited Jun 16, 2013 11:34AM ) Jun 16, 2013 11:34AM   0 votes
I havnt read the drowned cities yet, but i just finished Ship breaker and im sad to see that they dont feature the same characters. Maybe the third book can bring the two books together somehow? Ill start on the drowned cities soon:)

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Andrea Paolo is on twitter- and he answers when he can. He has another book "done" but I don't know where it fits in(with these or a new story) ...more
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good question. I am hoping that it will be third book in the series.

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Nason Yeah i really hope it goes along with this series. And i kind of want to see Nailer Nita and Tool again. This is the most realistic apocalyptic world ...more
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