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message 1: by Dyne (new)

Dyne | 26 comments Okay so I have a piece on Watt pad which is here...

I personally don't think it is that good and unsure if you need to have an account to see it if so tell me and I will just post it straight on here.

message 2: by Wordy, Modérateur d'un. (new)

Wordy Nerd (wordynerd) | 1809 comments Mod
I like it for the most part. A little too long. Bu, liked your writing

message 3: by Dyne (new)

Dyne | 26 comments thx i am trying to explain what is happening to her through the curse which has been placed upon her

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I thought it was excellent! Keep writing, you have a gift!

message 5: by Dyne (new)

Dyne | 26 comments thx, Since I am probably the youngest here (the age on my profile is a lie) thank you so much :D

message 6: by Dyne (new)

Dyne | 26 comments I don't know where to go with this, know I want to describe the portal thing based on the rabbit hole from alice in wonderland but IDK where to go from there, I mean I don't know what the guys house should look like so could you please tell me what type of house you think this guy would have based on what you already know of him from the second part, I would really appreciate it.

~ Dyne

message 7: by Dyne (new)

Dyne | 26 comments I have added a chapter to Fyer and have also started a short story called 'Freedom' so please check it out. - Wattpad

And if you would find it more convenient for me to put these on goodreads then please tell me so and I will.

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