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Feliks (dzerzhinsky) Hi, lookin fer help on another title.

I've been trying to locate a really wonderful book of modern short-stories published by (I thought) either Washington Square Press; Ballantine Press; or Grove Press.

I thought for sure the author was by someone like William McPherson ('Testing the Currents'). This work was contemporaneous to that title.

The author seemed to be a mature male--but a 'new' writer--perhaps with just a handful of fiction novels published; a real craftsman; with a very confident storytelling voice and a growing following. This is what I remember from the dust-jacket, I suppose. A writer of the reputation and style such as that of a John McPhee or a William Humphries or a William Wharton.

The title of the collection, was something like this: "In the Royal Palace of Ceylon"...or, "In the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Celebes". Or, some-royal-palace-set-in-some-long-ago-Asian-country.

The title was derived from one of the stories --the centerpiece of the collection-- which featured the following anecdote:

A long-ago ruler of the ancient kingdom (Siam, or wherever) having reined many years and enjoyed all life's pleasures to the full; found himself becoming jaded and satiated (he felt) far too soon. He was growing bored with everything.

To counter this; he insisted that his harem start including some very ugly, plain-looking females, as well as the beautiful ones. Shocking his courtiers, he instructed that these women not be confined as the other girls were--but that they be let free to wander about his temple.

The potentate's private theory was that the occasional and sudden startle-ment bound to happen (as he confronted one of these coarse-looking females roaming in his hallways) would re-whet his appetite for his more favored harem beauties; and thus restore his excitement at life"


This story --although I cannot conclude the moral it exemplified--characterized the collection and I've been seeking on Amazon to no avail.

Again: halp! :0

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Testing the Current was published in 1984.......

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